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25-year-old beauty queen sentenced to 13 years in prison for kidnapping and blackmail


Source: Today

25-year-old Turkish model Sibel Demiralp, the former beauty queen of Eurasia, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for blackmail.


The girl deceived invited to her home a wealthy Turkish businessman, whom she met on the Internet, writes Today.


When the man was in Sibel's apartment, five strangers attacked him and stripped him. After that, the model took a few photos with the purpose of blackmail.


For not taking the pictures into the network, Demiralp demanded 240 thousands of Turkish liras (1,2 million hryvnias).


It is also reported that Sibel Demiralp, who won the 2016 Queen of Eurasia beauty pageant, pleaded guilty and cried in court. The former beauty queen was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Recall that at the end of September in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the winner of the beauty contest “Miss Baghdad-2015” Tara Fares was shot dead. The girl was found in her car; three bullet wounds were found on her body - two in the head and one in the chest.

Tara Fares. Photo:

September 27 in the evening 22-year-old girl was driving her sports car in the Baghdad district of Kam-Sarah. Tara became famous in 2015 when she won the Miss Iraq title. Every day the girl posted on Instagram photos that collected tens of thousands of views and likes. She entered the top of the most popular stars of social networks in Iraq with 2,7 million subscribers.

And now her life was cut short. Towards the car jumped out a few people with guns in their hands and opened fire. Doctors arrived quickly, but the girl had already died from her injuries.

Selfie lovers in the Middle East have a hard time. They also want a bright life, but it turns out to be short-lived. Girls fall prey to angry fellow citizens or even relatives. Read about the tragic fate of Tara and her “colleagues” in our material Death for Selfies: The Short Life of Instagram Beauties

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