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Clothes, food, cosmetics: 22 life hacks for those who sweat a lot


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How to make up, from which food to refuse and which antiperspirant to choose? In a special collection - 22 Board, which will help to monitor hygiene and sweat less.

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Wear cotton or linen

Synthetics do not allow air to come in contact with the skin - as a result, you will be hot, and noticeable marks will appear on your clothes, writes Beauty hack. The solution to the problem will be the choice in favor of clothes made from natural materials - cotton and linen are considered the most “breathable”.

Prefer dark fabrics

Yes, dark-colored clothing attracts warmth and in the worst case can cause overheating, but with a white tinge is not so simple. Light colors repel not only the external warmth, but also the warmth of your body, for this is why the nomads in the desert prefer black robes. Also, on dark clothes wet spots are less noticeable.

Choose loose clothes

The freer the cut, the more air will circulate. If you are worried about excessive sweating, on particularly hot days, give up t-shirts and tight pants. By the way, a large number of jewelry, especially on the neck, will also aggravate the situation.

Use special inserts for underarms

Sweat pads do exist and help protect clothing from moisture. Previously, special “attached” liners were used for this purpose, but modern hygienic pads from sweat have significantly simplified life. Some of them are attached to clothing, others - directly on the skin, but in any case, it is worth making a choice in favor of disposable liners.

Buy absorbent insoles for legs

If you are worried about excessive sweating of the feet, try using special insoles - they will not allow germs to multiply and prevent the appearance of odor. It is worth choosing disposable insoles with antibacterial impregnation and a deodorizing layer - they will withstand up to 20 hours of walking.

From stains will help soda

Mix the baking soda with water until the consistency of a thick paste, apply to the yellowed areas of light clothing and leave for an hour and a half. Then wash as usual and dry at room temperature - in some cases it is recommended to repeat the procedure twice.

Use special antiperspirants

Complaining that deodorants don't work? The substances contained in them only drown out the unpleasant smell, so antiperspirants will come to your aid. For those suffering from excessive sweating, clinical analogs with a higher content of aluminum salts have also been released, but they should be used only on the recommendations of a dermatologist. Use a natural deodorant for moderate sweating.

Apply antiperspirant before bedtime

To get the most out of an antiperspirant, apply it overnight when the sweat glands are less active. In this case, the tool will fall into the excretory ducts and remain in them for a long time - but the skin should be dry.

Carry antiperspirant wipes.

For those who are worried about sweating, not only in the armpits, but also on the hands and feet, special antiperspirant wipes were invented. But the main advantages of this tool are ease of use and mobility.

Apply antiperspirant only on clean skin.

An extra layer of antiperspirant won't help if you're already sweating, so only apply it to clean, dry skin. The effectiveness will also decrease if you apply the antiperspirant over another product. If you feel the need to reapply deodorant or antiperspirant, take a shower and only then use the product.

Take a shower more often

The simple truth is, the more often we shower, the less we sweat. Don't limit yourself to antiperspirants and try to keep your body clean throughout the day. And on especially hot days, try taking a warm shower, then let your skin dry and cool naturally.

Build hair in a ponytail or bun

In fact, any high hairstyle will do - a ponytail, a bun, or even a braid. The main thing is that the neck can breathe. Plus, this will keep your hair clean for longer.

Do not forget about dry shampoo

Dry shampoo not only absorbs dust and dirt, but also sweat. If you can't wash your hair, freshen up with dry shampoo and comb your hair. Apply the product at night as it absorbs excess oil while you sleep, and in the morning your hair will be more voluminous.

Use cosmetics with a creamy texture.

Dense powders, friable blush and bronzers are not the best option for hot days. Creamy texture will merge with the skin, and makeup will be more resistant, and the face will sweat less. If during the day you get oily shine, blot your skin with matting wipes or, in extreme cases, apply transparent mineral powder - it will not clog your pores too much.

Apply a spray retainer to make the makeup last longer.

Even creamy products can roll in the heat. To prevent this from happening, fix the makeup with a special fixing spray. Some of them are even adapted to extreme conditions, such as heavy rain. Most of these sprays contain an acrylic copolymer, which creates an invisible barrier on the skin. The choice, of course, should be made in favor of sprays with a matting effect.

Choose BB cream instead of foundation

Dense tonal creams further enhance the secretion of sebum and contribute to the blockage of enlarged pores. Prefer moisturizing tinting agents or BB-and CC-creams. A water-proof concealer will help mask serious flaws.

In case of hyperhidrosis, Botox injections will help.

In some cases, a dermatologist can offer you a cosmetic solution to the problem - with the help of injections of botulinum toxin type A. They disrupt the neuromuscular transmission in the sweat glands, in response to which excessive sweating and unpleasant odor will disappear. Do not be afraid of irritation and blockage - the sweat gland will stop producing sweat, and nothing will accumulate in the pores.

Pass the tests

Sometimes the body reacts with excessive sweating to diseases. If the problem causes great discomfort, consult a doctor and get an appointment for testing. Severe sweating may be symptoms of diseases such as neuritis, obesity or hypothyroidism.

Avoid coffee and spicy foods.

Coffee, spicy and spicy foods (as well as alcohol) contribute to the development of heat - and, as a result, to produce sweat, so it is worth reducing their consumption. In the heat drink weak tea, and even better - plain water.

Do not forget to drink water

To avoid excessive sweating, many reduce the use of water to a minimum. But when we sweat, the body loses a significant amount of fluid, so the balance must be promptly restored. To rush from one extreme to another and to drink too much water is also not worth it - stick to the standard regime and avoid strong feelings of thirst.

Try to lose weight

Hyperhidrosis with overweight is a frequent occurrence. The more body weight, the more heat it produces, and a thick layer of fat blocks its output - as a result, the body is saved by perspiration, to at least somehow cool down. Let the discomfort of sweating be another factor in favor of a healthy lifestyle.

Get enough sleep and try not to get nervous

Excessive sweating is one of the main symptoms of stress and emotional distress, hence the expression "sweaty" came from. The simplest solution to the problem is healthy sleep, lasting at least 7 hours.

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