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20 things that amazed immigrants who moved to rich countries



People often move from country to country, getting acquainted with the culture and peculiarities of the life of foreigners, reminds Here are the stories of people who moved to richer countries.

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  • I was surprised by the service in the restaurants. If you ask for a medium-rare steak and they bring you overcooked, you simply send it back to the kitchen and a new one is prepared for you. And the waiter even apologizes for that! © Unknown / Reddit
  • The child is studying in a Finnish school. Children eat for free, lunch once a day and consists of a hot dish, salad and bread and butter. The dining room is equipped as a buffet, the children themselves eat. Separate meals are prepared for allergy sufferers and vegetarians. Most often it is meat sauce with potatoes or pasta, soups are very rare. For us, the most unusual thing was that in the dining room they give cold water or milk, there are no warm teas or cocoa at all, there has never been and never will be. So, at first, the child often had a sore throat out of habit. © venesia / Pikabu
  • In the kitchen where I work, a colleague turns on the tap full of water and leaves on business. It's not about hot water - it comes in almost instantly. I politely offer her to turn off the tap, and my colleague gets angry and replies that our company already receives a lot of money from the state. She also uses a dozen paper towels just to kill the spider. © Angela Sene / Quora

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It amazes me how much you can do online. Apply for a visa? We will notify you via the Internet about every step. Pay the bills? There is an internet bank for this. Order food? Delivery at your service. In my country, all this requires a personal presence, which means standing in line for hours. © hatedpeoplesinceday1 / Reddit

  • When I moved to Germany, the biggest shock for me was individualism and the large number of introverts. Children in this country have a personal opinion that differs from their parents. I also take the city train to work. The people on the train are surprisingly quiet, even if it's packed. In my country, on the contrary, you will not hear your own voice. © Ritesh Temkar / Quora
  • Postal system logistics. Mail delivers millions of letters daily to millions of homes at low cost. The very idea that I can send a letter across the country and get it delivered the next or even that day is impressive. © FreshPrinceOfH / Reddit
  • There are vending machines in my school cafeteria. Once, the money got stuck inside. I was told that I could just call Coca-Cola to get my money back. They asked a few questions, sent a man to fix everything, and then they sent me 2 coupons for free drinks. © Mw1zard / Reddit

Once we were in Germany. We were just about to cross the road when we saw a Porsche riding on us. We have accidents every day, so the safety of the crossings is a concern. We were shocked when the driver stopped and let us through, literally insisting that we cross the road. © TheGalagaGuy / Reddit

  • I was 9 years old when I moved from the Philippines, where it was always hot and stuffy. The day after arrival, we went to Disneyland. Once in the park, I was surprised at the coolness and asked how rich these people are if they use air conditioners outside. © nvflip / Reddit
  • When I first left my homeland, I was struck by the lack of handkerchiefs. Leaving the house, people do not take handkerchiefs, but simply buy paper at the nearest store. Many people find it unhygienic to wear a used headscarf. But the fact is that it is not intended to be blown out. It is not customary for us to blow your nose into headscarves; this is a Western habit. If in our country you feel the urge to blow your nose, you will endure exactly the same as if you want to go to the toilet. © Ram Kumar / Quora
  • One guy lived in the African wilderness, and then his family for some reason moved to Canada. We were in high school, and every day he brought a glass of water, sat by the open window and watched him for the whole lesson. My friends and I asked why he does this. In response, the guy widened his eyes and said: "I heard that if you leave a glass of water by the window, and it is cold enough outside, it will freeze and turn into ice." We laughed and every day we found out how his experiment was going. Finally winter came. The teacher allowed us to put on our coats in class, the guy put the glass by the window, and after a while ice appeared there. He was happy. © Error_404s / Reddit

I was surprised that people do not care at all about someone else's appearance: weight, hair, clothes. In Brazil, I constantly heard comments about how I look, it is customary to talk about it. When I moved to Australia, no one told me anything about my appearance. It was cool to know that I can be myself and not worry about comments. © jessalves / Reddit

  • I was shocked when I learned that people use toilet paper instead of a shower or bidet. Paper is not only harmful to the skin, but also unhygienic. I used to have a tough time, but luckily I bought a portable bidet that has become my companion wherever I go. © Mohammad Norouzi / Quora
  • Moved to Ireland. To my surprise, analysis of the bank statement showed that transportation costs represent a very large proportion of my monthly expenses. Daily trips to and from work alone cost more than € 150 per month. © DoKZ / Pikabu
  • Most shops in the Netherlands close earlier than in my native Malaysia. Even private doctors don't work on weekends, which was incredible for me. Also, to meet with family or close friends, you need to make an appointment at least 2 weeks in advance. In my country, it is enough to call the family a few hours before the visit, and sometimes guests come without any warning at all. © INMLNLMRC / Reddit

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In my country, people often spend time on the street. Children play, old people talk, the street is always full of people. I had a lot of friends. I just went outside, greeted my friends. We went for a walk, met other acquaintances, played basketball ... We had fun. Then I moved to Japan. I thought that I would play there in the same way and easily make friends with the neighbour's children. It turned out that everyone is at home, and my area looks like a ghost town. After 6 years, I also sit at home, miss my past life and prefer to meet friends in person. © Dr ** s09999 / Reddit

  • I was surprised that girls cannot live alone in some countries. My sister-in-law moved to Canada from South Asia. Before that, she lived only with someone: relatives, parents. She said that living alone in their country is almost impossible. Everyone immediately thinks that something is wrong with you, you become vulnerable to men. Neighbors will gossip about you, and it will become unsafe to live alone. She was recently offered a job in the city and was so excited to live alone and do what she wanted. © alarmingly_alarmed / Reddit
  • My mother's relatives were shocked that we cook medium-rare meat. In their homeland, due to the sanitary situation, meat is always fried until cooked. They came to visit and started to panic when they saw that I was cooking medium-rare pork. Mom explained that this is a common practice. © LAXGUNNER / Reddit
  • The lights. So much light from street lights, traffic lights, buildings glow all night. The highways drove me crazy - so wide roads and so many cars. I was 6 years old and I will never forget my first ride from the airport to my new home. Then I saw snow for the first time. © UnableHorse / Reddit

People seem to be worried about something all the time. They seem to have a list of worries that all the time have something to worry about. Even if they solve all their problems, they will come up with new ones and will worry about things, even small ones. © poopellar / Reddit

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