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20 things you shouldn't do on a plane, even though it's not forbidden



Millions of people become airline passengers every day. The plane has long become one of the most popular modes of transport, and even not very frequent travelers know that liquids and sharp objects cannot be carried on board, and the external battery, on the contrary, must be in hand luggage. decided to deal with less obvious things, which include advice from seasoned travelers and airline employees, as well as unwritten rules of airplane etiquette.

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Eat everything

As you know, our body can do one thing: either eat or experience stress. That is why it is so important for the crew to feed everyone, and we, being in not the most comfortable conditions, eat more than usual.

In addition, another psychological factor is at work - the rather high cost of the air ticket. Many of us subconsciously strive to “recoup their costs” as much as possible and do not refuse even a cold, stale bun with a piece of strange butter. Don't try to eat everything. It is better to leave what causes the least appetite or consists of unfamiliar ingredients, otherwise the heaviness in the intestines cannot be avoided.

After all, even if you do not have any problems with the digestive tract, at an altitude of 10 km, due to a pressure drop, they can appear.

Eat strong-smelling foods and peanut butter

It is unlikely that you will be given something very smelly on board, but nothing will stop you from buying burritos or garlic wings in the departure area. Better not to. The smell of someone else's food irritates others - some it is unpleasant, others envy you. If you want to take snacks with you, choose those that do not have a pungent smell and that do not stain your hands, such as candied fruits or nuts without additives, rather than crackers or chips.

Peanuts, on the other hand, are among the most powerful allergens, and even a small amount of it in some of the surrounding passengers can cause a severe reaction.

Fall asleep before takeoff

Flights, especially long and with transfers, are very exhausting, and sometimes, barely taking your place, you want to fall asleep as soon as possible. But it's better to wait for takeoff and climb. This will help you avoid pressure drop problems, and in the event of an abnormal situation, which occurs mostly during takeoff and landing, you will find your bearings faster.

Watch films with age restrictions

Even if such a movie is on the airplane's media system, before playing it, make sure that it is not seen by children or other categories of citizens, such as nuns or the elderly. After all, the choice is huge, and you can watch an action movie or erotica in another place. Remember to use headphones anyway.

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Opening the window shade without getting the neighbor's approval (or if he is sleeping)

The lucky ones who get a window seat are often inclined to believe that the window shade is in their sole possession. Many do not care at all that the bright morning light can interfere with the people in the neighboring chairs, and open the curtain whenever they want to see what is outside the window.

If you do not want to be reprimanded in your mind with bad words, ask politely if your neighbor will not be against the bright light, if he, of course, is not sleeping.

Don't get up from your chair

If you are sitting by the window and are embarrassed to bother an elderly lady or a couple with a child, it is better to offer them to change. It is imperative to move during the flight, otherwise you may encounter poor circulation in the limbs, discomfort in the back and even a headache. It is enough just to walk between the seats, there are also exercises that can be performed on the plane without even getting up.

Wear uncomfortable clothing and tight shoes

Comfortable clothes and shoes are the key to your comfort during a long flight. Tight trousers with a belt, closed uncomfortable shoes can turn a flight into hell. It is best to choose clothing that does not restrict movement. It is also important to consider that it may be cold on the plane. Bring a hoodie or oversized jumper with you.

It is best to wear soft, breathable shoes without heels on your feet, which can be easily removed and put on - slip-ons, sneakers or crocs. You can also bring closed, disposable slippers on board.

Touch surfaces on an aircraft

Of course, this cannot be completely avoided - you will have to touch the belt, seat, open and close the luggage rack, toilet door. However, you can minimize the risk of harmful bacteria entering your body. According to Dr. Jack Dybis, it is better to choose window seats, as the aisle has more germs from passing passengers.

Try not to touch your face, press the flush button in the toilet with toilet paper, do not wear short shorts or a skirt, so that the skin of your legs does not lean against the seat, do not doze, leaning against the window, because hundreds of passengers did this before you, wash your hands more often and treat them with a sanitizer. And in any case, do not walk around the salon barefoot.

There is something if it lies on the table

According to a study by Travelmath, there are several times more bacteria on a folding table in an airplane than on a toilet flush button. The cleaning team simply doesn't have enough time to properly sanitize the salon. So, never eat food that has fallen from tray to table.

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Asking parents to reassure crying children

If you are unlucky enough to fly in neighboring seats with naughty children, the best thing you can do is offer your parents your help, or at least deal with the problem of understanding. Believe me, parents are in a much worse situation, because they feel guilty that they cause discomfort to other passengers. When parents get nervous, it only makes things worse.

So, if you want the hysteria to end as soon as possible, offer the tired mother at least some help: throw away the diaper, prepare baby food, or be with the baby so that she can go to the toilet. By the way, some airlines during online check-in offer to choose seats away from passengers with children.

Standing in line to exit

Many passengers have this reflex: to jump up from their seats as soon as the plane has landed. Please stay in your seats if you see a traffic jam ahead, as standing up will not help you get off the plane any faster. On the contrary, standing passengers prevent others from getting things from the luggage racks and, in general, create a nervous atmosphere in the cabin.

Applaud when the plane lands

Some pilots admitted that they were perplexed by the applause: “Do you applaud the cashier in the supermarket who broke through your purchases? It would be weird. " Another pilot said, “Applause means nothing to us. We evaluate ourselves based on the current situation. What a passenger from seat 20B thinks is not interesting to us at all.

In addition, they practically do not hear anything, since the cabin is separated from the passenger compartment by a 5-centimeter barrier with good sound insulation, but the surrounding passengers are often annoyed by applause.

Don't take a pen with you

Always take a pen with you, especially if you have an international flight. Most likely, already on the plane you will have to fill out migration cards or some form. Be fully prepared so that you do not have to ask a neighbor for a pen and do not expose yourself once again to contact with other people's microbes.

Turn off ventilation above the seat

It may seem to you that the flow of cold air is too strong, but it is better to dress warmly and not block the ventilation, as this flow blows off some of the pathogenic microbes from you. In addition, when the plane is on the ground, the ventilation works more intensively, the flow will become less powerful during flight.

Take bulky hand luggage

Unfortunately, such obvious things are not obvious to everyone. Some passengers with enviable persistence continue to drag bags and boxes into the cabin that cannot be accommodated in the luggage compartment. For others, carry-on luggage consists of several paper bags, the contents of which fall out, and other passengers have to get their belongings from under someone else's property.

In addition, flight attendants, especially flight attendants, admitted that they were annoyed by requests to put heavy hand luggage in the overhead rack, because the flight attendant is not a loader and lifting weights is not part of her duties.

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Distract flight attendants

Reddit users once asked themselves what annoys flight attendants the most? One of the most popular was the flight attendant's comment: “The question is' Where are we flying now? The button should be pressed only as a last resort, when it really is necessary.

Tipping flight attendants

In many airlines, flight attendants are prohibited from taking money from passengers, but not everywhere this is thoroughly spelled out in the rules. In some airlines, the flight attendants must refuse the first offer of tips, but later they can still accept a small amount, in others they may even be fired for this.

It is safest to leave a tip in an envelope, after signing that there is money inside, otherwise it may be thrown away during cleaning.

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Occupy 2 armrests if not sitting in the middle

It is believed that passengers who sit at the window and the aisle are already in a more advantageous position than the "average" passenger, so he can use 4 out of 3 armrests for 2 seats. The rule, of course, is unwritten, but it seems quite logical.

Reject the chair without warning

The debate about whether it is possible to tilt back a seat in an airplane does not subside to this day. Some say that this option should be disabled altogether. Others believe that folding the seat is the right of any passenger and he is not obliged to ask permission from anyone.

Most of the controversy boils down to the conclusion that the chair can be reclined, but so that it does not come as a surprise to the passenger who is sitting behind you. It is best to politely warn him about this.

Ask the conductors to increase the temperature in the cabin

The cabin is specially kept cool, because the colder it is, the less likely it is that someone will feel bad. So when a passenger gets cold and asks to turn off the air conditioner, the flight attendant will most likely only pretend to turn down or offer a blanket. Which exit? Dress warmer.

Do you agree with these unwritten prohibitions and rules? In addition to these conditional restrictions, there are a number of others on which frequent flyers and airline employees have not yet formulated a consensus, for example, is it possible to take off your shoes during the flight, is it ethical to take empty seats for sleeping and do yoga in the aisle of the plane. What do you think? What would you legally prohibit doing on airplanes?

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