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20 things you can get for free in the US


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It's always nice to get something for free. In the US, there are many opportunities not to pay for food, services or entertainment. You just need to know where to look.

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Edition GO Banking Rates Gathered a few tips for saving Americans.

1. Factory Tours

If you're looking for great fun for the whole family, there are hundreds of companies across the country in the US that offer free guided tours of their manufacturing buildings and other facilities. They often even give away free samples of their products. From ice cream and candy factories to breweries and guitar factories, there is a wide selection. A list of tours in your area can be found on the website Factory Tours USA.

2. Magazine subscription

Get a free magazine subscription at the website. Mercury magazines. For this you need to take part in a short survey, and soon you will receive the selected journal on your e-mail.

3. Free golf game

Over 1000 golf courses in the US will allow you to play this game for free on your birthday, often for this you need to join their loyalty programs. A catalog of participating golf courses can be found at

4. Eye and Hearing Test

Free online vision and hearing tests will not replace the advice of a qualified professional, but will help you evaluate the acuity of hearing and vision, as well as provide valuable information and tips on health issues. In addition, they are very funny. You can find free tests on sites. FreeHearingTest и EyeExamOnline.

5. Beer

Breweries in many states offer tours of their production, where you will be told about everything: from the choice of malt to the packaging of the finished product, as well as treat you to a fresh, cool drink. Simply check out sites of your local breweries and you will certainly find interesting offers.

6. Comics

You can download and read more 100 free comics on the site. Comixology. In addition, annually on the first Saturday of May, the day of free comics takes place, when more than 2300 specialized stores distribute free books. The next day free comics will be held on 4 May 2019 of the year.

7. Software

This offer is for people who love Microsoft Office but don't like paying for software - there is a free alternative. Apache OpenOffice on Offers a free set of open source software for word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, presentations, databases, and more.

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8. Burgers

Sign up for the “So Connected” Ruby Tuesday e-newsletter and get a free treat for joining, as well as a free burger on your birthday.

9. Donuts

The next National Donuts Day will be 1 Jun 2018 of the year. Many specialized establishments will delight visitors with free sweets on this day. Follow the announcements of your local cafes.

10. Tax return preparation

IRS-certified volunteers provide free preparation of tax returns and advice to certain individuals, including taxpayers who are elderly, disabled, or have low incomes.

11. Gym membership

Network Anytime Fitness having more than 3000 halls throughout the country, offers a free seven-day ticket to show visitors the possibilities of the gyms. Offer is for new customers only.

12. Seeds and seedlings

On the portal gardeners exchange seedlings and seeds with each other. If you are an aspiring gardener with nothing to offer in return, visit this site and you will be given a lot of seeds and seedlings for free, just to support a new member of the hobby gardening group.

13. Toy libraries

Considering how quickly children lose interest in toys, it makes sense to just rent the toys and not buy them. Toy libraries have long been popular in Europe, and now they have finally appeared in the United States. Their nationwide catalog is available online. USATLA.

14. Coloring pages for adults and children

Coloring has always been popular among children, but modern adults use them as a way to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as to develop their creative side. Download free coloring pages for adults on the site. Justcolor. Coloring pages for children can be downloaded on the website. Crayola's.

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15. Free product samples

Websites that offer free samples of everything from health and beauty products to snacks and pens abound on the Internet. However, many require you to complete a survey before you receive a free sample. The best sites offering different products for free are Women Freebies, FreeStuff и Sampleaday.

16. Films

Enjoy watching movies that everyone will be talking about before they are officially released on the screen. Variants of free views of new films are available on the site. AdvanceScreenings.

17. Lunch for child

Many restaurants will allow children to eat for free. On the website MyKidsEatFree There are more 5000 restaurants where your children can eat for free or at a reduced price. In most institutions, the conditions stipulate that the child is accompanied by an adult, and orders something for himself.

18. Electronic Greeting Cards

Websites 123Greetings и MyFunCards Allow you to personalize and send e-cards to family and friends on any occasion and for free. You can even include a voice message in some postcards.

19. Online Foreign Language Courses

Site with the BBC Offers free audio and visual tools to help you learn dozens of different languages. It also includes a helpful section on the most common mistakes in different languages ​​so you can avoid them. The site is archived and is no longer updated, but language learning resources are still available and active.

20. Ice cream

Become a member of the electronic club Baskin-Robbins, and you will annually receive a free portion of ice cream on your birthday.

But that's not all! In the second part of the material read, what other 20 things can you get for free.

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