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17-year-old American died from the 'disease of kisses': what kind of virus


Source: Rambler

Disease of kisses killed 17-year-old American Ariana Rey. At first, the girl had flu symptoms. She felt overwhelmed, slept for hours, her head hurt and the pain did not stop.

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Doctors did tests, but could not make a diagnosis, writes Rambler.

Then she started vomiting, started having vision problems, legs and arms were taken away, her speech became slurred and illegible.

Doctors suspected a stroke and transported the patient to a hospital in Jacksonville. Only in the last days of a teenager’s life could doctors understand what was happening.

Delfs' brain began to die due to severe infectious mononucleosis, which causes the Epstein-Barr virus.

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The virus enters the body through saliva, which is why the disease is sometimes called the “kissing disease”. It is common among adolescents and young people.

Ariana was in the hospital for three days. Then she was disconnected from the life support apparatus.

“Her brain was damaged and swollen to such an extent that it could not function. And we decided that it was time to let her go, ”said the girl’s father.

According to him, the deceased has become an organ donor, and the family is proud of her.

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