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15 things in the kitchen that it's time to throw away


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Do you wash the sink and wipe the countertop daily, but haven't dismantled kitchen cabinets for a long time? It's time to get rid of the unnecessary - mugs with the symbols of the year, disposable tools and unnecessary baking dishes. All of them only litter the kitchen, and appear even among those who rarely cook, writes the author of the Home and garden channel on "Yandex Zen".

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If you want to put the kitchen in order, you have to part with them.

We give to those who need it

We keep many things because they can be used and are in excellent condition ... But you do not need them! This means that they can be donated to charity.

Kitchen utensils are almost always needed by students who move into dorms (can be offered in groups) and graduates of orphanages. It can be found in the “what to do” lists of some funds.

For example:

1. That which is duplicated. For example, you bought a grater, and then you found a grater that turned out to be more convenient. Do not keep both, leave the one that you like. Measuring cups attached to household appliances? If you are not going to sell it, leave in the kitchen only the one that you like best.

2. Baking dishes and cookies. They are so beautiful that for the new year you want to take a form for gingerbread, before Easter for Easter cake, and several more forms lie for charlotte and cakes. Do you use all?

3. Special devices that you used once. Knives for cutting carrots with a spiral, a knife for cleaning avocados, etc.

4. Small household appliances. We use one technique regularly, and we get another one once in several years. Crepe maker and waffle maker, dough machine, coffee grinder, blender, mixer, slow cooker. Do you really use everything?

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5. Thermo mugs and thermoses that are uncomfortable or do not hold heat. You do not use a thermos because it does not hold heat, and the thermomug does not get into the car holder? Why are you storing them?

6. Extra knives. Not all knives hold sharpening well, so there are always comfortable knives and knives in the house that only take up space. Sometimes we keep them, because they were sold in a beautiful wooden stand or look good on a magnetic rail. It's time to leave only those that are pleasant to use.

7. Souvenir cups. Many people want to drink from beautiful dishes in the same style. Then why do you need different-sized cups that were an on-duty gift for one of the holidays or that were delivered as a bonus in a gift set?

8. A variety of storage containers and jars for bulk products. Sets of identical items take up less space and look neater.

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It's time to recycle!

It is very difficult to get rid of some of the things, because “what if I need it one day?”.

1. Hopelessly outdated. Divider for burner, which has long been replaced by a hob that does not require dividers. A teapot that is inconvenient to use because it does not cut the tea leaves and leaks.

2. Dishes with chinks and chips. If these are not valuable antique items that should be restored, dispose of damaged dishes. This applies to plastic cups, bowls, holders that have lost their shape from heating, and to pans in which the non-stick coating is chipped.

3. Spoiled spices. Yes, they have an expiration date. Spices lose their flavor over time, so it's time to throw away those that are on the shelves

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4. Piles of plastic bags. It's time to recycle them and use reusable shopping bags.

5. Aprons and towels with non-laundering stains. Do you want to look attractive at home? Get rid of things that have turned into rags. Surely you have more towels.

6. Thin gloves and gloves that are difficult to keep hot.

7. Wooden boards that absorb perennial grease.

When it's hard for me to part with something, I ask myself the question “would I leave this thing if there were half the space in the kitchen?”. In the end, only what is really needed or dear to me remains.

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