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15 products that can not be eaten, but without which we simply can not live


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The realities of the modern world are such that the majority of the population in developed countries lives in cities. That is, a person is deprived of the opportunity to independently grow food for himself and his family, which in principle is not bad. But due to this state of affairs, the technologies of growing, producing and storing products have changed dramatically. Thus, in essence, we have no idea which products we consume, which ones are useful, and which are not. In this article we have compiled a list of the most harmful products, for which the hand and stretches in stores.


1. Sweet carbonated water

Not so long ago in Israel, as a result of research, it was found that excessive consumption of carbonated drinks can lead to liver diseases. For example, drinking a liter of "pops" per day, liver obesity is found in 5 times more often!

Soda water is a strong diuretic, that is, removes fluid from the body, which leads to dehydration. In addition, due to the large amount of sugar in the water metabolism is disturbed. Dyes can cause allergic reactions.

Not to mention the carbon dioxide that is in any carbonated water. By itself, it is harmless, but dissolved in water stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, which increases acidity and provokes flatulence. And that's not all. Therefore, think hard about what you quench your thirst on a daily basis, and if you quench it at all.


2. Fast Food Products

All sorts of products that are prepared in large quantities of boiling oil. These are hot dogs, french fries and other foods that we find in abundance in fast foods. These products are full of carcinogenic substances.

3. Sausages

Now you are upset: your favorite sausages are also included in the list of products that you need if you do not exclude from your diet, then significantly reduce their number. Now it is rare to find sausage in which there is meat and there is no whole list of flavors, colors, synthetic products and a large amount of salt. So to speak about the benefits of even fresh sausages do not have to. Moreover, frequent use of this product can contribute to the development of diseases such as diabetes, gout, hypertension, various heart and kidney diseases.

4. Smoked meat

The method of cooking smoked meat, bacon or fish contributes to the accumulation of a huge number of carcinogens. Your liver will thank you if you exclude these foods from food.


5. Mayonnaise

Typically, store-bought mayonnaise is just a bunch of trans fats, preservatives and stabilizers. The use of trans fats leads to cardiovascular diseases, so much so that the World Health Organization recommends that you stop using them. If you love mayonnaise, then learn how to cook it yourself. This is both tastier and less scary.

6. Alcohol

Yes, vodka, whiskey, tequila and other alcoholic beverages are considered such that they cause harm to the body. Unruly doctors and scientists argue that alcohol adversely affects the central nervous system, brain cells and liver. We may disagree with this by protecting such our favorite drinks, but the fact remains. In any case, if you reduce the use of this product to a minimum, there will definitely be no harm.


7. Ketchups and sauces

This is a real klondike of dyes, sugar, preservatives and flavor substitutes. There are, of course, extra-class ketchups. But they deteriorate much faster, and their price is appropriate. It is better here the same as with mayonnaise - it is better to learn how to do it yourself and enjoy the natural taste and composition.

8. Milk

Since childhood, we have cultivated a myth about the benefits of milk and dairy products. It turns out that milk and its products can be very harmful.

The most harmful thing in milk is casein. It is a milk protein that each mammal has its own structure. In order for it to be assimilated by the body, animals produce a special enzyme - renin. So, a person does not have this enzyme. In humans, it is assimilated only thanks to one substance that is produced in the mother's mammary glands and gets inside with the mother's milk. And saturated fats, hormones and leaching of calcium ...

9. White bread

White bread is able to raise blood sugar levels, it has a high glycemic index, therefore it directly affects weight gain and also contributes to the development of diabetes type 2. In addition, white bread is harmful to the intestines.. This is not to mention the fact that baking technology, like the products used for this, is far from useful.

10. Coffee and Energy

These drinks are not harmful only if consumed in small quantities.

11. Ice cream

Emulsifiers, flavors, stabilizers, flavor enhancers, thickeners are part of most ice cream available to us. And if palm oil is still present, the melting point of which is higher than the temperature of the human body, then the risk of developing atherosclerosis increases..


12. Margarine

We wrote about trans fats above. And this product is almost entirely composed of such fats. Very bad.

13. Lollipops

Almost the same situation as with carbonated sugary drinks: a huge amount of sugar. Only candy is not carbon dioxide.

14. Chocolate bars

To the eyeballs stuffed with flavors, dyes and chemical additives.

15. Chips

Chips are the leader of our list among the most harmful foods. Here and all the delights of trans fats and carcinogens. No benefit - one concentrated harm.

This is just a short list of foods that need to be excluded from your diet, if you want to keep your health intact for many years. If there are products in this list, without which you can’t imagine your life, then, as stated above, you can always make them yourself. But then, despite the efforts, you will know exactly what your mayonnaise or sausage is made of, and not buy a “cat in a bag”. Bon appetit and bless you!


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