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15 useful tricks for a picnic and outdoor recreation



Sometimes you don’t want to get out into nature, because there we are waiting for mosquitoes and midges, and from recipes only barbecue and salads are recalled. And if you spend the night, it seems that it will be inconvenient to sleep in a tent, and you will not be able to sleep. But we know that even in the forest you can relax with maximum comfort, and return home only with positive emotions.

Photo: Shutterstock collected the best tips for picnic picking, as well as simple recipes so as not to spend a lot of time on cooking.

1. Fresh food

It is important to take care of the freshness of the food. For perishable products, you can take the refrigerant from the freezer or make it yourself - freeze wet sponges for washing dishes in bags and put them in a bag with food and drinks. You can freeze and water bottles, if space permits, but the sponge is still more practical and takes up much less space.


2. Lemonade

Good idea to take a cool picnic. home-made lemonade, juice or cocktails. And if you replace plastic bottles with sealed bags, then they will take much less space, and insects will not fly inside.

3. Soap for the company

It is not always convenient to take liquid soap with you, and a whole bar is unhygienic. But you can crush the soap on a mini soapy at once - they are enough for everyone, even on a long journey through the forest.

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4. Homemade burner

A camping stove is a very necessary thing: with its help you can quickly warm up, light up the room and even read in a tent. The simplest burner can be made with your own hands from a tin, cardboard and melted wax.

5. Pickled vegetables

The simplest dish in nature can be made from vegetables. Cooking fresh food on the bonfire snack is easy. Vegetable skewers, baked whole marinated or grilled slices - recipes can be see here.

6. Clothes pillow

For those who are worried about their dream: if you fill a light sports bag with clothes - you can not take a pillow for the night. The main thing is to put everything inside neatly: it will save a lot of places and it will be comfortable to sleep in a tent.

7. Mushrooms on the grill

You can make a lot of different snacks from champignons, and you can bake them on the grill, on the grill, and in foil. The main thing is to marinate mushrooms in advance at home, as it takes a few hours, and then just roast on the fire for a few minutes.

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8. Cucumber Snack

Delicious appetizer of cucumbers - this is something that must necessarily be served to kebabs and other hot dishes on the grill or grill. Preparing at home is very simple, and most importantly, quickly - and immediately you can take with you on a hike.

9. Insect cinnamon

Insects on the plate - not the best "snack". Ants, for example, absolutely do not tolerate cinnamon, and if you generously sprinkle it around the perimeter of the table, then they definitely will not disturb you.

10. Cauliflower on the grill

Grilled can make excellent cauliflower dishes, and it really will be delicious. Vegetables can even be marinated in advance, and then roast on coals or cook cauliflower with your favorite spices.


11. Safe bonfire

At the dacha there is always an old metal basin - an item that will definitely come in handy for evening gatherings by the fire, because it can be used to build a safe fire. You need to pour sand under the basin - and you can not be afraid that the fire will spread to surrounding objects.

12. Lavash snack

Favorite snack in pita on the fire even tastier. At home, make rolls with ready-made fillings, and heat them in nature by laying them on a wire rack.


13. Peel the egg in 5 seconds

Another way to save time by preparing a salad, for example, is to quickly clear boiled eggs. It will take a jar, some water, 5 seconds and just a bit of effort.

14. How easy it is to make a fire

To quickly light a fire, you can use paraffin or wax candles, cotton swabs soaked in petroleum jelly, and even plasticine.

15. For sweet - baking

While the main meal is not ready, baking will be a great snack. Of course, you need to prepare it at home according to your favorite recipe, and then take it with you to nature.

Surely, and you have your own secrets of a great outdoor recreation. Share in the comments.

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