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136-kilogram American strangled boyfriend's own body weight


Source: Fox 32 Chicago

A Pennsylvania resident pleaded guilty to the murder of her boyfriend - she stabbed the man with a knife, then hit the table leg and literally finished off, leaning on the weight of her 136-kilogram body, under which the wounded man suffocated.

Photo: Erie County Police Department)

44-year-old Windy K. Thomas of Erie can get from 18 to 36 years in prison after pleading guilty to a third-degree murder. December 21 held a trial in her case, which will make a sentence, writes Fox 32 Chicago.

Thomas confessed to the murder of 44-year-old Kino Butler, committed last March, including mentioning that her own body was partly the murder weapon. The woman weighed about 300 pounds (136 kg), while the man was about 120 pounds (54 kg). Before that, she struck him with a knife, and then struck the head with a heavy leg of the table.

"The cause of death from the murder was respiratory failure secondary to blunt force trauma to the neck and thoracic compression, aggravated by blunt force head trauma," the statement said.

Butler's body was found in the living room after Thomas called 911.

Sandra Butler, the victim's sister, said she hoped for a longer prison term for Thomas.

“I feel like she has to serve 40 years or more,” Butler said. "She deserves a life sentence."

Thomas will remain in Erie County jail pending sentencing.

Sandra Butler said that her family is struggling with the death of Kino. Particularly affected mother, who every night calling her son.

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