We - the continuation of the generation "tolerated." So grandmothers taught our mothers, and mothers educated us in the proper spirit. Although we are already a generation that managed to take a sip of freedom.

We seem to be between two fires. Therefore, it is easiest to pretend to be weak, to hide under the table and free yourself from unnecessary duties. That is why most modern women in relationships with men choose the position of the victim. Of course, not without that, you need to give yourself a weakness from time to time.

Each of us is able to hold the whole world in our thin, fragile hands. This whole art is, on the one hand, to be vulnerable, affectionate and tender, and on the other hand, to keep the helm of your life.

This is 13 brutal life rules for women from the famous politician and journalist Irina Khakamada. True uterus hurts the eyes ...

1. Most importantly, once and for all hack yourself on the nose: the prince on a white horse is pure fiction. No one is obliged to make you happy and save you from all the vicissitudes of fate. Over time, the man simply get tired of pulling this heavy suitcase of your whining and complaints about life. To avoid the sad fate of an abandoned suitcase, you should not concentrate on finding a man, but on the realization of your own dreams.

2. Samurai follow this philosophical principle: die in advance. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, that samurai who is already dead wins the deadly battle. Just think in detail about the worst-case scenario of a situation that does not give you peace of mind at the moment. And imagine what happens after that. Describe your steps after defeat. And then, as in the film, mentally roll the film to the first frame. One-two - and you have nothing scary. You can safely go to battle!

3. When they say to me: “Ira, you are a fool”, I answer: “Yes, I agree.” And I myself go and do what I consider necessary. They hit me - I missed and went to do. Never prove anything. No need to measure anything. Especially in the men's team. This is not going to end in anything good.

4. To build a harmonious relationship with anyone, you must first find harmony with yourself and love yourself.

5. What to do? I will tell you. Learn to dream, set high goals and go to them. At the same time getting the buzz is not from the final result, but from the process. And if you manage to find and develop this energy in yourself, no more efforts will be needed, everything will take shape by itself - and dreams, and career, and love.

6. A rocket woman, that is, the one who rushes forward, embodying his goals and dreams, an intelligent man will definitely appreciate. In such a woman there is always something to solve. And it gets ...

7. A woman who is able to harmoniously develop and combine the feminine and masculine beginnings, who uses everything in the world for her self-realization, becomes a unique woman. Such was, for example, Coco Chanel. And if you wish, this can be each. Tested on yourself!

8. A man should not be our entire world, but should be one of its parts, standing in a common row.

9. Learn all the time, get new information. This is insurance, the base that will help you survive in the most difficult time. Once in Oxford I read a lecture and met a girl from Russia there. She herself went there to study philology. And it works in the most famous bank. She says: “You have no idea what kind of experience this is. I can do everything now! I will never be lost anywhere. ”

10. When meeting with a man you need to be able to speak vividly, and then turn into a fool. Moreover, it is important to suddenly and very diplomatically move from one state to another. The man is immensely fearful, he is always afraid of something. That woman is too rich, too poor, too beautiful, or vice versa. Therefore, it is necessary to become unpredictable, to build communication with ease and humor.

11. Money in achieving success in second place. You need just enough money to realize your ideas. And in order not to wake up every day with the thought: God, I hate this job, but I will die of hunger if I do not do it.

12. Don't be afraid of despair. Fall to the bottom. I went to the dacha, lay there for a week, did not communicate with anyone. I told myself that I was terrible, I was a loser, and stuff like that. I felt sorry for myself, and I even began to enjoy being unhappy. But at some point the body gets tired of it, and he says: but life goes on! I am not dead, the sun is shining. Things are good! And you get up - and move on.

13. But fate, like a lion. If you are afraid, she will attack you, and if there is no such fear, then she will turn wherever you want.

Tips really sobering! How difficult it is to be a woman, but the practical advice that was given to you at the right time can greatly facilitate this work.