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Thirteen things you can't vacuum up


Source: Reader's Digest

Simply vacuuming the floor when something has crumbled, spilled, or shattered can look like an ideal and quick solution. But some things are simply not designed for disposal in this way. It is better to take a broom or rag. We will tell you that it is absolutely not recommended to collect a vacuum cleaner, and why.

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Sleeping coffee grounds

All coffee lovers know how difficult it is to clean the coffee maker from the used thick, writes Reader's Digest... And if somehow this stuff is on the floor or table, trying to remove it is a real headache. Some people come up with the idea to collect the thick with a vacuum cleaner. We do not recommend doing this: such a “filler” can clog the vacuum cleaner pipe, stimulate the growth of mold inside the device and even lead to engine breakdown.

Wet food

Some kitchen "accidents" can be removed with a vacuum cleaner - to collect spilled sugar or salt. But this does not apply to all types of food. Freshly cooked food, such as baked beans, potato salad, is best avoided this way: they can clog the vacuum cleaner and damage the engine due to moisture. In addition, they can deteriorate right inside the vacuum cleaner and begin to exude a disgusting smell. You don't want to fix it all, do you?

Leaves and flowers of domestic plants

Dried flowers and leaves that fall from indoor plants can easily clog the machine. Collect them by hand.

Ash in the fireplace

Trying to vacuum up the ash is the opposite of cleaning. The particles are so small that they easily enter the filter, pass through it and spray from the back of the vacuum cleaner throughout the room. It is much better to pour the sleeping coffee grounds onto the ashes so that dust does not rise, and then throw it all away by hand.

Construction dust

Home renovations are important, but don't vacuum clean up the aftermath. Like ash, debris is made up of small particles that can burn a motor or release all that dusty fireworks back into the air. Sweep it all away with a broom to preserve the vacuum cleaner - and your own strength.

Coins and small toys

These are things that you probably will not be vacuuming on purpose. Therefore, before embarking on such a cleaning, it is important to make sure that such objects do not roll under your feet, especially if there are small children in the house. Small items can break into pieces, break through the bag or disable the engine, getting inside. And sometimes all of the above.


Sucking up liquids with a dry vacuum cleaner is dangerous - period. You may be electrocuted. In any case, the device will be exposed to harmful effects. If you often experience "leaks" of certain substances, products, liquids, it is better to invest in a more expensive vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning. But there are many other ways - different types of mops, absorbent rags, paper or ordinary towels, washcloths, after all.

Electrical cords

It may seem like a quick and convenient solution to vacuum the electrical wires to clean them easily. In fact, the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner can break the outside of the cord and expose unsafe wires inside. The cords of the vacuum cleaners themselves are usually tighter, but all this can happen to them.


Eyeshadow, bronzer, foundation, blush, even broken lipstick bits - none of these things should ever get into a vacuum cleaner. They melt and disintegrate inside the machine and can cause serious damage.


When you see how your family has been crushed in a corridor or living room, you might have the idea to clean carpets or floors with a vacuum cleaner. It is a bad idea. You can completely smear your carpet with all this and particles will only penetrate deeper into the material. Wet soil can also cause engine problems.

Hair bundles

There is a temptation to draw in a vacuum cleaner more long hair, which is usually left in various places of the girl, but this should not be done. Your hair is clogged with a dust bag, and you have to pull it all out to continue cleaning. Sweep them or collect them by hand.

Shredded paper

Everything is the same as with tufts of hair - a clogged apparatus and a damaged engine. A broom is the best way to get rid of this kind of clutter. And from the carpet you can pick it up by hand. Good luck.

Broken glass pieces

Cleaning up broken glass is always a dangerous activity. But if you do this with a vacuum cleaner, there is a high risk of ruining its internal parts and breaking the device. Pick up large pieces by hand (wearing heavy gloves) or just sweep it all up.

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