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Interior items that make the house uncomfortable and messy



Have you ever thought that a lot of mirrors in the bedroom will increase the time of home cleaning, and dark shades near the lamps will increase energy costs? There are many items in the house that we are used to and find useful. However, in reality, they either make us clean more often, or are inconvenient to use, or create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

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We have collected tips that will be useful to you, especially if small changes are planned, purchases or repairs in your apartment, writes

1. Sofa bed

The desire to save space by putting a sofa bed in the room is not justified. Companies of guests gather in the house not so often, and laying out and assembling the sofa every day and tossing and turning every night is a regular inconvenience and dubious pleasure. In addition, the sleeping place at the sofa bed is much smaller than that of a regular bed, and it is less comfortable to sleep on it.

When it comes to buying new furniture, it is better to give preference to a full-fledged bed with a high-quality mattress. In addition to convenience, such furniture does not break as quickly as sliding sofas.

2. Package collection

We often do not discard packages, because they can be useful. However, one day, this kind of reserve will turn into a mess in the closet.

It is better to keep reusable bags at home in a neat small box and limit it to size. Buy a few roomy shopping bags and keep a couple of them in your bag from which you go to work. Then you do not have to buy new packages every time you go to the supermarket. And instead of storing endless plastic bags, it is better to give them for recycling.

3. A large number of boxes

Keeping things in boxes is really very convenient. However, we often use too many boxes and don't even remember what's in them. As a result, you can spend valuable time on a meaningless search for the desired item in one of them.

It is easier to store clothes in neat piles in the closet with quick access to them. And for storing items that you rarely use, several roomy boxes will do. It is better to sign them and also provide easy access to them.

4. Crowded hanger in the hallway

The coat racks in the hallway fill up quickly if you have more than one coat for all seasons. Meanwhile, it is the entrance hall that creates the first impression of the house. A littered hanger looks untidy, it takes longer and more difficult to find the necessary coat, and outerwear often falls off it on the floor.

To avoid the temptation to load a hanger with a large amount of clothing, change it to a more compact one with fewer hooks. For bags, you can select a separate hook near the front door.

5. Lack of a shoe cabinet

Even neatly arranged shoes in the hallway after a while turns into a kind of dump. In addition, the lack of a special cabinet or shelf leads to the accumulation of dirt and puddles in the winter season. And this dirt from the hallway will be carried to other rooms, and you will have to spend more and more time cleaning.

For small hallways, there are compact cassette cabinets in which shoes are stored vertically. The most capacious - curbstones with folding doors. The only negative is that shoes in such closets are poorly ventilated, so it is better to put a lavender sachet on one of the shelves.

6. Huge mirrors in the room

Large mirrors in the room often appear due to spacious wardrobes. They perfectly increase the space of small rooms. However, in addition to this, they require constant cleaning, because they are impractical: dust is treacherously visible in the sun.

If you do not want to dust and wash large mirrors several times a week, it is better to order a cabinet with a maximum of one or two mirrored doors. And in order to visually increase the space of the room, the color of the cabinet on opaque doors can be matched to the color of the walls.

7. Light wallpaper in the hallway

Light-colored wallpapers in the hallway may increase the space, but in reality they only cause inconvenience. Light walls, especially in the dressing area, instantly become gray and dirty with the onset of autumn. The hallway will look untidy. In addition, the wallpaper is difficult to wash and keep them clean. You will have to spend time on constant cleaning or eventually making new repairs.

To avoid inconvenience, give preference to less branded flowers in the hallway area or close light walls with a shoe cabinet.

8. Wire hangers

Wire hangers that accumulate in large numbers, when you try to get clothes out of the closet, often cling to them, as a result of which holes and hooks appear on them. Delicate things on such hangers stretch and stop keeping their shape.

Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to wooden hangers, which also look more aesthetic.

9. Open shelves for cabinets

One of the most popular solutions for the kitchen and living room is open shelves or hanging shelves. Unfortunately, a lot of dust collects on the kitchen shelves, which then mixes with grease and is poorly washed. Such shelves and objects standing on them must be constantly wiped, otherwise the dust becomes noticeable. Another negative factor is the need to maintain perfect order, because you really can’t put everything on such shelves, otherwise it creates a feeling of untidiness and discomfort.

The most practical option for the kitchen and living room - closed cabinets. The living room looks great glass cabinets, and in the kitchen - cabinets with doors of light shades, at the same time increasing the space.

10. Holiday Tables in the Living Rooms

Many have folding tables in the house in case guests arrive, which extend the existing dining table. However, guests do not come so often, and these tables, although foldable, take up a lot of space and accumulate dust on themselves. This is a really bulky thing, needed every six months for some special event.

It is better to buy a more compact round-shaped dining table, at which you can gather many more guests than at a rectangular one. And if you do not have enough space, you can buy a small table, but with the ability to expand it and increase it.

11. Large mirror in the bathroom

A large bathroom mirror, which begins just above the sink, quickly becomes covered with streaks and smudges. And wiping off drops and stains several times a day is not the most pleasant experience. The bathroom will look untidy, and the reflection will not be able to please.

If you are faced with the choice of which mirror to buy, it is better to purchase a smaller size and hang it 20–30 cm above the sink. In this case, you will be able to avoid eternal cleaning in the bathroom.

12. Dark ceiling light

Dark ceiling light poorly transmit light, and the room will always not enough light. To solve this problem, you can buy the most powerful light bulbs and screw in the ceiling. However, in this case it will not be possible to save, because such bulbs require a lot of energy.

The best option would be to change the color of the shades: light-colored fabric or glass will perfectly transmit light, creating true comfort. In addition, you can save on less powerful bulbs.

13. Carpet in the apartment

Carpet, unlike carpets, has a shorter life. If a stain is formed on it, it is necessary to call specialists who will try to remove it. If it is impossible to clean, you will have to either change the carpet completely, or accept and live with this spot.

If you want comfort and a warm floor, it is better to purchase a carpet. You can always restore it or, in extreme cases, buy a new one.

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