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Top 13 Ways to Start Drinking More Water


A source: Huffington Post

While everyone understands the importance of drinking water every day, there will always be a lot of obstacles to meeting your hydration schedule. We like to drink smoothies or coffee more, we are always busy, and we also believe that an extra bottle of water a day will make us go to the toilet more often.

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All this can be understood. But drinking is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to help yourself drink your daily water intake, and you don't have to turn your whole life upside down to complete this task. What are we going to do, says Huffington Post.

1. Plan your “water time”

If you are too busy and you are not in control of the water you drink, use simple tricks: drink a few cups in the morning, and then a couple more times a day in between times. Plan this time and prepare the water in advance. So you get the desired rate without much difficulty.

2. Drink a glass of water for each cup of coffee.

Although coffee is a liquid, for most of us, this drink does not help quench our thirst or get additional liquid. If you are used to drinking several cups of coffee every day, supplementing each of them with a glass of water, you will significantly increase your level of hydration.

3. Add ice to drinks

Adding lots of ice to your drinks and smoothies is an easy way to get extra liquid. Four ice cubes per glass will add about a cup of water to any of your drinks and is unlikely to ruin its taste.

4. Add more spices to the dishes.

Extra hot sauce or spices in your food is a very simple (and delicious) way to increase your water intake. Most people drink water to cool their mouth after spicy food, and this can help fulfill your hydration goals.

5. Drink a full glass of water with any pill or supplement.

If you are taking medications or supplements, make it a goal to drink them with a full glass of water. Many drugs and supplements are expected to take several hours to digest. This small change will help increase your water intake.

6. Invest in a smart bottle

Keeping track of how much fluid you drink may not be your priority. A “smart” bottle will come to the rescue that will do this for you, such as HydraCoach, DrinKup or Ozmo Active. The invention will help you calculate your daily water intake and will remind you that it's time to take a few sips.

7. Drink through a straw

If you use a straw, you will quietly drink a lot more water. It is simply more accessible and more convenient in any environment. You will most likely be able to sip water even during meetings, and you don't have to open the bottle every time.

8. Use the app

There are many apps, like Gulps, designed to help you drink more water and keep you in control by sending reminders. If you like to play, Plant Nanny will make you drink more liquid so that the cute plant on the screen does not wither.

9. Take action in advance

If you like to keep track of how much you drink the old fashioned way, prepare a bottle ahead of time and fill it with water. Make sure you drink liquid before the end of the day. You can use both large and small bottles, the main thing is to drink the required rate. Before going to bed, fill the bottles the next day.

10. Drink in unconventional ways.

Drinking can be boring - it's true. Researchers from the Universities of Chicago and Ohio followed 300 participants in an experiment who were asked to come up with their own ways of drinking unusual water: their responses ranged from drinking from a martini glass to drinking from a spoon. As a result, they enjoyed drinking water much more than others. Think about it.

11. Replenish the bottle as soon as it becomes empty.

Get up and refill your water bottle as soon as you empty it. This ensures that you get the right amount of fluid and removes any excuse for not doing so.

12. Find your benefits

If goals like health and hydration no longer motivate you, think about others. A glass of water before meals improves digestion, and a cup of water an hour after a meal helps the body absorb trace elements. Water is good for the health of the skin and joints, it can even relieve headaches.

13. Get familiar with the toilet

Find out how long it takes from drinking water to going to the toilet. This data can be useful for those who spend a lot of time on the road or often get up to go to the toilet at night. Instead of avoiding liquids all day and evening just in case, you can easily drink water both at the office and at home by studying your own body in this way.

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