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13 tips for losing weight from the Kardashian family, which is better not to follow


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Kim Kardashian lost 15 kilograms in five months after the birth of her second child and now has her own blog about healthy lifestyle. Chloe wrote the book Strong Looks Better Naked, in which she shared the secrets of being slim. Philadelphia-based weight loss specialist Charlie Seltzer spoke about which ones have a right to exist and which ones can be dangerous to your health.


1. "Suck Lollipops for Weight Loss"

Kim Kardashian somehow published an Instagram post in support of Flat Tummy Co lollipops, reminds Gossip... The reality star called them "literally unreal." A couple of days later, the mother of many children deleted the publication, but hundreds of gullible netizens managed to buy “slimming sweets”. The manufacturer's website says the lozenges contain an active ingredient called Satiereal, supposedly derived from plants. It is said to create feelings of fullness and help curb appetite.

  • Expert opinion: Dr. Seltzer says that the benefits of such candies are not proven. In the 2010, an eight-week study was conducted in which an 60 man participated, during which women took the Satiereal tablets. Surprisingly, but a fact: these girls ate less, felt more full and at the same time lost weight. However, this year the experiment was repeated, and it turned out that in 28 days the drug did not affect the appetite.

2. “Exercise in a suit with a sauna effect”

Chloe calls these suits her "secret weapon". This polyethylene outfit helps to keep warm during sports.

You burn more calories and sweat two to three times more, and fat literally burns. But do not forget to drink as much as possible to prevent dehydration, she wrote in her application.

  • Expert opinion: a suit with a sauna effect can contribute to weight loss, increasing body temperature and starting the process of burning calories, but the effect is temporary. In addition, there is a possibility of overheating and dehydration of the body, some of these cases may be fatal. And if you drink water in liters, your stomach will become full of fluid, which will not in the best way affect the quality of the workout.

3. "Avoid foods with mold"

Nutritionist Chloe Philippe Goglia views this rule as an important part of the “ideal weight loss and muscle recovery strategy”.

  • Expert opinion: I cannot understand how this can affect weight loss, besides the fact that mold products, such as blue cheese, are more caloric than hard cheeses. There is no conclusive evidence that the use of products containing mold slows down weight loss. In any case, in all you need to know when to stop.

4. “Avoid dairy products”

Chloe said she lost five kilograms in a month and a half, removing dairy products from the diet and discarding cheese, milk, pizza and ice cream.

  • Expert opinion: if you are allergic to dairy products, then abandoning them can actually lead to weight loss. The same applies to those who consume fewer calories in general. However, dairy products contain a lot of protein, which is vital for anyone who wants to speed up metabolism and strengthen muscles. Therefore, if you do not have lactose intolerance, milk is better not to refuse.

5. "Avoid foods containing gluten"

Dietitian Chloe forbade her to eat foods that contain gluten, and Courtney recently planted her entire family on a gluten-free diet.

  • Expert opinion: Doctors estimate that only one percent of the population suffers from celiac disease, which threatens to damage the small intestine due to a severe allergic reaction to wheat gluten. However, even people who are not familiar with this diagnosis may have an intestinal or immune response to gluten. What is it manifested in? The stomach swells up, pains appear and there is general fatigue.

People who feel great after consuming moderate amounts of gluten-containing foods, such as whole-grain bread, probably won't lose weight by replacing it with gluten-free products. Because gluten-free foods can contain extra fats and sugars, which are usually added to improve their texture and taste.

6. "Train in slimming corsets"

Kim, Courtney, Kylie, and Chloe seem to wear a corset for every workout.

This thing makes me sweat more in the abdomen, all the excess water goes, and with it the volumes,
- Chloe said.

  • Expert opinion: tight corsets have absolutely no effect on fat distribution and body contouring. This is what New York-based plastic surgeon Daniel Maman says. In other words, all this is a solid advertisement, and without proper nutrition and exercise, it is unlikely that it will be possible to become the owner of an hourglass figure.

7. "Drink slimming tea"

The sisters of Kardashian more than once confessed their love for tea, Tea Teatox Lyfe, and Kylie Jenner prefers FitTea tea.

  • Expert opinion: if you do not follow the calorie intake of food, then all these teas for weight loss will be useless.

8. "One day a week, allow yourself to eat whatever you want."

Courtney once said in an interview that every Saturday she indulges herself with everything she wants (usually it's pizza, burgers and cheese).

  • Expert opinion: The effectiveness of the weight loss program can only be assessed after the fact, so after 20 years, if Courtney can maintain the weight, occasionally arranging himself to read, we can talk about the effectiveness of this method. Better eat what you like, every day, controlling the size of servings. So you do not want to break off and eat immediately a couple of burgers.

9. "Do Tea Slimming Wraps"

Chloe claims he periodically makes Fit Tea Wraps wraps. To do this, use sheets, soaked in a special gel made from green tea, cocoa and many other ingredients with names that are difficult to pronounce.

  • Expert opinion: Dr. Seltzer notes: wraps can remove excess water, which leads to a temporary change in appearance. However, those extra pounds, alas, will remain. So Fit Tea Wraps is not an assistant in losing weight.

10. "Eliminate carbohydrates from the diet"

After the birth of her son, Saint Kim sat on the Atkins diet to regain her form. This method involves the abandonment of carbohydrates, such as sugar, sweets, white flour and white rice, and then the gradual introduction of certain foods, such as brown rice, for example.

  • Expert opinion: reintroducing foods that were previously banned is not the best idea. For example, a person ate bread for 30 years, then this product was blacklisted, and after it was allowed to eat again. Bread will be the first, for which he will run to the store.

11. "Drink ghee every morning."

Courtney argues that her day begins with a tablespoon of ghee. After that, she does not eat anything for 20 minutes, and then drinks a glass of water before breakfast. The star is sure that the oil works wonders with digestion.

  • Expert opinion: I will never drink fat in the morning, because it is extra calories, and the feeling of saturation does not bring oil.

12. “Drink probiotics after every workout”

Courtney says that he drinks probiotics right after he leaves the gym, believing that they help with digestion.

  • Expert opinion: It is unlikely that probiotics after training help the star maintain weight. Some people really think that probiotics improve intestinal function and normalize hormone levels, which can lead to weight loss. However, without counting calories, all efforts will be in vain. It is better to drink a protein shake for muscle recovery after exercise.

13. "Eat chia seeds to reduce appetite"

According to Courtney, chia seeds are great for a diet, creating a saturation effect and thus reducing appetite.

  • Expert opinion: Chia seeds are high in calories. It is better to drink a glass of water for 30 minutes before a meal, it will help to saturate the body and reduce the number of calories.

In any case, each organism is individual, and what helps one may be completely useless for the other. The main rule here is do no harm.

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