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13 rules of the British crown that even the queen cannot break



Still, sometimes I want to believe that in our world there is no one who would stand above the law. And here is the evidence - one of the most famous royal families in the world, despite its origin, titles and position in society, is obliged to obey these 13 rules of etiquette. Most of them cannot be broken even by the queen, writes

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1. At least six ravens must live in the Tower of London

Legend has it that if all the crows leave the Tower, then the monarchy and the kingdom will fall. So since the time of Charles II, the bird population has been strictly monitored. At present, crows are just like members of the royal family - they are looked after, fed, and they live almost in the palace.

2. Members of the royal family must not be touched

In principle, this is a well-known rule, but it is often violated. Although ordinary people are not admitted to royal monarchs too much, sometimes the same celebrities are forgotten and climb to cuddle with might and main.

3. Members of the royal family do not vote

The reason the royal family does not give preference to anyone in political life is that their voice can greatly influence public opinion, which is not entirely honest. So the royal family does not vote in elections and always supports the ruling party in political matters.

4. Members of the royal family cannot hold a political post

For the same reason that is given above, in order to exclude any possibility of influencing public opinion and using it for personal purposes.

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5. They do not play Monopoly

This is already too much, but the fact remains. In 2008, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, the second son of Queen Elizabeth, once said that they were forbidden to play "Monopoly" at home, because it was considered too evil and harmful game.

6. Do not eat crustaceans

Perhaps this is more a warning than a rule, but many members of the monarch's family, including the queen, do not eat shellfish and crustaceans - because of an allergic reaction or in fear of poisoning.

7. Obliged to observe the order of seniority during planting and during any procession

There are strict rules regarding the order of seniority during processions. For example, at a wedding, a member of the royal family must enter according to the title - after the queen, of course.

8. Cannot be Catholics

Although this law was changed in 2011 and saved the royal family from the prohibition in any case not to marry a person of the Catholic faith, the royal family itself must remain faithful to the Anglican denomination.

9. Wardrobe should not be contradictory

The members of the royal family are obliged, even in clothes, to avoid any misinterpretations; their style should be elegant and refined, but modest.

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10. Accept absolutely all gifts

All members of the royal family are obliged to accept any gifts from anyone with sincere courtesy and appreciation. And since all the gifts belong to the crown, the queen decides their future fate.

11. You cannot travel together

Do not travel together long distances - one of the basic rules for direct heirs, especially in those times when traveling was a dangerous event. In our century, everything has become more convenient and safer, so this rule is often not respected.

12. Celebrate Christmas in a purely family circle

Traditionally, all members of the royal family celebrate Christmas each year in the company of each other. However, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, changed her long-term lifestyle and wished to celebrate the holiday with her family only. What can I say, the queen was unhappy.

13. You can not eat after the queen

Everyone who was lucky enough to have dinner with the queen, including members of her family, must follow one simple rule - you need to monitor her movements. If she finished her meal, then the rest are obliged to postpone the appliances and stop eating.

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