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12 things that are strictly forbidden Melania Trump and other first lady



Being the first lady of a country is a difficult and often ungrateful job. Together with the high status of the spouse of the president also receives many responsibilities. In spite of the fact that the first lady is not elected, journalists and the public always note all her flaws and merits, assess her appearance, intellect, upbringing and sense of style. As you know, it is extremely difficult to please public opinion, therefore the wives of the presidents are often the subject of public criticism.

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1. Openly demonstrate wealth and luxury

The first lady should not show too expensive clothes and jewelry. This also applies to official meetings, and especially public events.

In the West, the presidents 'spouses are often blamed for the irrational use of taxpayers' funds. So, for the inefficient spending of the treasury and the love of luxury, Nancy Reagan often got to. Moreover, in 1989, the newspaper The New York Times published an article in which experts talked about Mrs. Reagan’s excessive love of designer outfits and antiques.

In the USSR, discontent caused the elegant style of Raisa Gorbacheva. Her foreign costumes, furs and fur coats undermined the trust of Soviet citizens, because the country then lived in conditions of severe shortages.

Raisa Gorbachev. Photo: video frame YouTube / ICTV Channel

Filipinos criticized their first lady, Imelda R. Marcos, for an overly extravagant lifestyle, including millions in the United States for shopping tours and collecting their own portraits.

2. Take too active part in governing the country

Of course, the president’s wife is becoming an important part of political life both domestically and internationally. In the United States, the status of "assistant to the president" is officially assigned to the first lady

At the same time, the too active participation of the wife of a political leader is always criticized by both journalists and citizens. So, Franklin Roosevelt's wife, Eleanor, was often criticized for being too interested in politics and hinted that she would be better engaged in home and children. By the way, it was Eleanor Roosevelt who played a huge role in the creation and promotion of the UN.

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Eleanor Roosevelt. Photo: video frame YouTube / Manufacturing Intellect

The second wife of Argentine President Eva Peron often annoyed the congress with her political ambitions, the struggle for women's rights, and the boisterous activities to strengthen Peronism.

Hillary Clinton, who actively promoted health care reform, and later declared her presidential ambitions, was widely condemned.

3. Do not take part in the life of the country

Strangely enough, but the spouses of the presidents are not forgiven and too passive lifestyle. The first ladies, who preferred family to lavish receptions and overseas visits, are also constantly criticized. If the second spouse of the president of Argentina, Eva Peron, was condemned for too vigorous political activity, then the third wife of the president, Isabel, was frankly disliked because she took practically no part in the life of the country. Despite the fact that after the death of her husband, she automatically became president of Argentina, Isabel could not cope with this role - she was soon expelled to Spain and placed under house arrest.

Isabel Peron. Photo: video frame YouTube / Archivo Histórico RTA SE

The spouse of US President Dwight Eisenhower Mamey was often accused of being too closed and secretive. She did not disclose any details of her life, led a solitary life and rarely published.

4. Overshadow spouse

When the first lady accompanies the president during her overseas visits and official events, she should be kept a little behind to emphasize the importance of her husband. French President Jacques Chirac and his wife, Bernadette, always strictly adhered to the protocol - in public they were impeccable: the president walked ahead and did not take his wife by the arm.

But the wife of the current President Emmanuel Macron said that during official meetings, she intends to stand next to him, and not behind him. For such a disregard for the protocol, Madame Macron is often criticized by the French. Citizens make it clear that they chose Emmanuel Macron, and not Brigitte.

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It is worth noting that in France, the status of the first lady was officially legalized only in 2017, but still does not provide for representational expenses and budget expenses, such as in the United States.

5. Permanently disappear from sight

Voters, as a rule, do not forgive the first lady a long absence in public - this instantly gives rise to many rumors and conjectures.

When Melania Trump disappeared from public view on 2018 of the day in May, the hashtag #WhereIsMelania (“Where Melania”) and users came up with a variety of guesses, from humorous to frankly mocking.

The former wife of the former president of Latvia, Dace Seisum, in principle, did not like to appear in public and took part only in official events. Once she was not even allowed to see the Fashion Week in Riga, because she was not on the list of invited guests, and no one recognized her in the face.

6. Publicly demonstrate hostility

Personal problems and mood swings should never be shown to the public. Whatever happens behind closed doors, everything should be perfect under the lenses of journalists - according to the protocol, it is extremely not recommended to demonstrate one's feelings in public.

It is especially bad when unpleasant incidents happen to the camera's sight. For example, in the Spanish royal family, Queen Mother Sophia and wife of the current King Philip VI Leticia “did not publicly” share her granddaughter in the service in the church. Later, Queen Leticia was subjected to public condemnation for her inability to control herself.

Last year, Melania Trump refused to be photographed with her spouse upon arrival in Florida. At the same time Melania not only did not linger for a photo, but did not give a hand to Donald Trump, silently following into the car.

7. Openly criticize spouse

Any public criticism of the spouse by the first lady is inadmissible. In this case, the wife of ex-premier of Japan Nobuko Kan has repeatedly violated this rule. She did not hesitate to speak harshly enough about his wife and even published a book about him, from which the Japanese learned that the prime minister dresses tastelessly, does almost nothing at home and has an explosive temper. We don’t know for sure if this book hurt Kahn’s rating, but the prime minister soon resigned.

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8. Use the position of the spouse for their own purposes

The high position of the husband should not affect the activities of the first lady and the more so be used to obtain any benefit.

The wife of the former President of Poland, Iolanta Kwasniewski, was criticized for using her husband’s position of office to attract sponsorship to her charity projects.

Iolanta Kwasniewska. Photo: video frame YouTube / davosukraine

And in 2016, the Mexican president asked citizens for forgiveness for the scandal that erupted because of the purchase of the mansion for his wife Anhelica Rivera for $ 7 million. The problem was that Anhelica bought it from a company that had lucrative contracts with the presidential administration. Later the house was returned to the company-seller.

9. Look tasteless

The status of the first lady requires to look perfect. In this, the wives of the presidents are assisted by a whole team of stylists, but, alas, no one is immune from mistakes. Moreover, the public criticizes both too frilly dresses, and too simple.

For example, 43-I, the first lady of the United States, Laura Bush, was never able to charm the Americans with her discreet trouser suits and had the reputation of a simple girl with voters.

Laura Bush. Photo: video frame YouTube / CBS This Morning

Images of Michelle Obama have also been seriously criticized. For example, in 2016, she came to the annual gala concert in a Gucci dress with a bright print, which the public immediately compared to the Christmas tree.

The wife of French President Emmanuel Macron is often criticized for too short dresses and skirts. Many Frenchmen consider her outfits to be inappropriate and too frivolous.

10. Free to go out

Perhaps the harshest rules exist in the United States, since it was here that the institution of the first ladies was formed in the XIX century.

The security service forbids the wife of the president of the United States to go out on their own - Brigitte Macron told journalists about this after meeting with Melania Trump. She also stressed that the first lady of America has more restrictions in everyday life than the first lady of France.

11. Dramatically change the interior of the White House

When moving to the White House, a new hostess cannot spend a large amount of money on a cardinal change of interior. All amounts are clearly regulated by Congress and the American people. At the same time there are several rooms where the first lady has no right to change anything. For example, this is the Lincoln room and the Yellow Room.

12. Open windows

The first lady of the United States cannot open a single window, either in the White House or in the car. This is a strict security policy. Opening the window was the main dream of Michelle Obama after she left the White House.

The life of the first lady is full of limitations. Sometimes it seems that voters deprive the wives of presidents of the right to be themselves and expect them to meet certain standards. That is, any first lady has to be a beautiful addition to her husband for several years, push her habits and desires into the background, and follow clear rules that may be alien to her.

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