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Twelve ways to change your life for the better if you are completely exhausted


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These tips will help, if not completely transform your life, then at least make it much more enjoyable. Lifehacker.

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You probably know this feeling: 10 in the morning, you are already on edge from the third cup of coffee, and instead of any sensible thoughts in your head, there is a complete mess. You are exhausted - physically, mentally and emotionally - and completely indifferent to what used to be pleasing. Motivation? Forget it. Irritability? Oh yeah. Caring for health and wellness? Into the furnace.

For some reason, it is generally accepted that the conquest of new heights and complete exhaustion do not go without each other. Nothing like this. Burnout is not at all a sign of success; it is the way our bodies tell us unambiguously that it's time to slow down.

“If you do what you always did, get what you always got,” said Henry Ford.

The famous quote from Ford is just right here.

The usual ways to bring yourself back to life, be it a double shot of espresso or another layer of concealer under the eyes, takes literally a few minutes, but are there many real benefits from them? Yes, it takes much more time to fundamentally change your life, but in the end, all efforts are justified. This is an investment in your health and wellness and should be taken with the utmost seriousness.

1. Get plenty of sleep

Our body is a mechanism. A wonderful and incredibly complex system that needs care and relaxation. When you leave work, you turn off your computer every day, which is about the same as your body and mind. Research says good sleep helps the brain flush out toxins that build up throughout the day, which is why seven to eight hours of proper rest is incredibly important for mental and physical health. Your task is to gradually bring your daily sleep duration to this level. 30 minutes more rest every day is easy, right?

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2. Think what and how to eat

It takes practice to make your meals meaningful. This is especially true for those who are used to having a snack on the run, while typing a response to the next letter and constantly being distracted by phone calls. Practicing mindful eating helps you understand what you are eating and how it benefits your body. Merely satisfying hunger is being replaced by a healthy relationship with food. Research shows that this approach to eating can significantly improve mood, reduce stress levels, help develop healthy eating habits and even lose weight.

3. Stop with caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that irritates your already twitchy nervous system. When you are anxious, tense, or even on the verge of hysterics, another cup of coffee will invigorate, if it is, it will not last long. Instead, try other, gentler ways to invigorate and energize: exercise or meditation. If the morning without coffee is not a joy for you, transfer your relationship with this drink to a slightly different plane and make them as conscious as possible. Sip the aroma and sip on the taste of the drink from your favorite mug. After a while, it may turn out that this ritual is much more important than the coffee itself.

4. Start moving and don't stop

Movement is not only a powerful tool for improving mood and reducing stress, but it is also a proven effective way to maintain excellent memory and mental skills in general.

You can resist growing stress through physical activity: every minute spent on yoga, jogging or cycling becomes a contribution to the fight against stress.

A simple morning exercise sets the pace you need throughout the day and helps you focus on important tasks. Needless to say, successful people prefer to train in the morning. Start with at least 10 minutes of moderate physical activity per day and gradually increase the duration to the recommended half hour.

5. Remember: the best rest is silence.

Yes, yes, yes, no article on changing life is complete without mentioning meditation. Well, what to do if it really works. About 80% of visits to doctors are somehow connected with the consequences of stress, can you imagine what a monstrous waste of time and money? Even more amazing is that we can reduce all these costs through ... that's right, meditation. These practices can help you cope with stress, strengthen your immune system, improve sleep, and feel truly happy. Just five minutes of this relaxation will make your day much more enjoyable. Another bonus: people who meditate on a regular basis are rational and less anxious when life throws up next surprises.

6. Look after the skin

It's simple: happy skin - happy you. Of course, fixing this habit is no different from others, it also takes time. Here, the well-known rule of three weeks is not even so important - constancy, regularity and understanding why you are doing this are much more useful than crossing out the days on the calendar. The notorious concealer will hide traces of fatigue in no time, but real changes in the condition of the skin always come from within, slowly but surely. Choose something that will not only improve your complexion, but will also bring real benefits to the body, be it cosmetics or food. Just repeat all the necessary procedures in the morning and in the evening - after a while you will notice that the skin shines with health and the mood is no longer so gloomy. It's trite, but humanity has not yet come up with anything better.

7. Feed the soul, not the ego

Everything is simple here: do what pleases you. Not all of our achievements fill the soul with joy. Regular processing can be beneficial, but ultimately it leads to the depletion of far from endless body reserves. The benefits of this behavior are less than regular rest and relaxation. Finally, buy the shoes you want for a long time, indulge yourself with ice cream at lunchtime and watch old films all weekend. Everyone - okay, most - of your actions should have one and only reason: it brings joy. You're not doing this because it's just another to-do item. Joy. You. Point.

8. Trust your intuition

The dubiously beautiful expression "I feel in my gut" is not at all a metaphor. Before making important decisions, listen to your feelings: the body often tells us what we need, even before we even realize it. Take a break if tired. Go somewhere if the soul asks for a change. In short, when something goes wrong, the first thing to ask about the reasons for yourself. If you are not a human intuition, it will take some time to learn to listen to your inner voice. Just take a break from all your worries, take a break and honestly answer how you feel right now. Chances are good that you know perfectly well what you really want. You just need to stop for a while and listen to yourself.

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9. Break the usual order of things

Challenge yourself to try something completely new at least once a week. Well, or, if there is an abundance of enthusiasm, once a day. You don't have to start something big right away - just take a different route to work. Even such a seemingly trifle is an unusual experience. It helps open your mind to new ways of thinking and perceiving, which in turn will make you a little bit happier.

10. Create yourself a comfortable environment

The first stage in creating healthy relationships in every sense is a responsible approach to what and with whom you fill your life. Yes, the prospect of turning a life-toxic relationship into an enjoyable and comfortable one can be daunting at first, especially when it comes to friendship, family, food, work, or yourself. However, this is important.

Analyze all your connections and notice how they contribute to your life and well-being. Those who are responsible for their environment choices are often more confident in their decisions.

11. Learn new things

The process of acquiring new knowledge makes us happy, this is a fact. It also helps to prolong our life and make it more interesting and fulfilling, as well as eliminates unnecessary prejudices. Want to start small - learn to knit, for example. The web is full of training videos, so you can master this simple thing without even getting out of bed. If you are attracted to big goals, take a three-month web design course. Whatever you decide to do, your brain will be deeply grateful to you anyway.

12. Start keeping a journal

Relieving stress, developing creativity, boosting self-confidence, and boosting inspiration to reach your goals is easy, and there are so many benefits. If it’s difficult, don’t immediately commit to writing something every day. The process of creating the text itself is important, and not how many times you do it, so for a start you can limit yourself to a couple of lessons a week. Set a timer, give yourself a simple subject like “What do I expect from this day,” and write whatever you think. Trust me, you'll end up looking forward to these sessions.

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