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12 popular dishes that many eat wrong


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Compliance with these simple rules will not allow you to face the dirt in any society, writes ADME.

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The basic principles of etiquette at the table are probably already known to everyone. However, in addition to information about how to properly hold the fork and knife, a cultural person needs to know how to eat this or that dish in public places and at various official events.

How to eat dishes from different cuisines of the world to look worthy in any, even the best restaurant:

1. Pizza

Pizza in the restaurant can either be eaten with a fork and knife, or you should take a slice in your hand, fold it vertically along its middle, and bite it in small pieces: this will prevent the filling from falling out. The sides of the dough are not accepted. The Italians came up with them in order to make it convenient to take a slice when eating pizza by hand.

2. Shrimp

Unpeeled shrimp, according to etiquette, is customary to eat with your hands. To do this, you should take the shrimp by the head with one hand, gently holding it with your fingers, and pull the tail with the other, thereby exposing the meat. If the shrimp is fried or tempura, then a little shell is often left on the tip of the tail. In this case, the shrimp should be taken by the tip of the tail with your hand, dipped in sauce and there is a peeled portion.

3. Rice in an Asian restaurant

It is most convenient to eat rice with chopsticks, if you take them in the usual way and turn the brush 90 ° so that the sticks are not located next to the brush, but as if above it. In this position, the sticks are easy to fold and separate, and it’s much harder to drop the rice. Among other things, it will be much easier to eat rice if you take a plate in your free hand and hold it at a small distance from yourself.

4. Oysters

For whole oysters you will need an oyster knife: it needs to be threaded between the shell flaps and rotated to separate the parts. Keep the oyster with the flat side up. After opening, the oyster should be poured with lemon juice and pulled into the mouth along with the liquid that is in the sink. It is not necessary to bite and chew it!

5. Thai Tom Yam Soup

Traditional Thai tom-yum is prepared with a variety of seasonings, herbs and roots. They do not need to be eaten, but should be put on a separate plate. Large pieces of seafood or meat should be eaten with chopsticks, everything else - with a Thai spoon.

This soup must be served rice. You can eat it separately, as if biting soup, or you can dip it in a broth on a spoon. Another option is to mix pieces of soup soup with rice. You can eat the broth separately, or you can even leave it untouched.

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6. Mussels

If tongs are served with mussels, then they need to hold seafood on a plate, and with the help of a fork eat meat from the shell. If the mussels are without sauce, you can hold them with your hands. Shells should be stacked separately in a special bowl or on the edge of their plate. In an informal setting, a half shell can be used as a spoon: take the casement with mussel and gently pull the clam into your mouth.

7. Pancakes

At home, you can eat pancakes with your hands, folding them into a tube or envelope and dipping into various fillings. At a party, in a restaurant and in any public place, if pancakes are served in portions, you should use a knife and a fork. If they are stacked in the center of the table, then you need to pick up the edge of the upper pancake with a fork, roll it into a tube in the direction “away from you” and put it on your plate.

8. Soup

If the soup is thick, then the spoon to the mouth should be brought up with the front edge, if liquid - on the side surface. No need to reach for the table and plate with your whole body. After eating, do not put a spoon on the table: it should be left in a plate.

9. Crayfish

In cancer, you can eat meat of white, pink or red. You can start cleaning it in any order, but it will be more convenient if you first tear off the legs and claws: you can immediately squeeze the contents into your mouth. Meat, by the way, is enough there, especially if the cancer is large.

After you need to separate the head and chest from the abdomen. You need to keep the cancer in the process with the abdomen up, otherwise the broth may leak out, which is also a very tasty part of the cancer, or you can clean it over a small bowl. Grasp the tip of the tail and pull the meat to fully reach it.

Next, you need to separate the head from the chest. To do this, pull the edges of the shell in different directions, after which you should take your head by the tip and finally break it off from the shell. Here, on the inside of the shell, there is white meat: it is exceptionally mouth-watering and can also be eaten.

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10. Sushi

In Japan, cooks recommend eating sushi with their hands. To do this, take a piece with the thumb and middle fingers from the sides of the land for rice. But the use of sticks is also not forbidden.

11. Miso Soup

Miso soup is most often served in a small deep bowl with a lid. The cup must be taken with one hand and, holding it by the bottom, drink the broth in small sips. Then chopsticks eat tofu, vegetables and seafood. Having finished lunch, you need to close the bowl again with a lid.

12. Use of wasabi and soy sauce

Oddly enough, wasabi with soy sauce is not necessary or even wrong. In good restaurants, the required amount of wasabi has already been added to every piece of sushi. Mixing soy sauce and wasabi is acceptable only with sashimi.

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