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Twelve unexpected items to hide from children


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Matches, medicines, knives - we put all these items away from children. But for some reason we calmly leave others that pose a great danger to the child in the most conspicuous place. Find out what items you need to immediately move to the upper shelves and lock.

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At first glance, a battery is a completely safe thing, writes Easy Useful... However, inside it contains chemicals that will definitely not benefit a growing body. And if not all children succeed in gnawing or cracking the metal case of an ordinary battery, then swallowing a round button-cell battery is easy! But they are the ones that pose the greatest danger. If you suspect that the child has eaten it, you urgently need to go to the hospital: the electrolyte that will be released from the battery can burn the intestines. To prevent this from happening, put away both new and old batteries, as well as all devices with them: watches, small appliances. If you have battery-operated toys at home, make sure the compartment is secured with screws.

Write-Erase Markers

Whiteboard markers do not look anything different from normal ones, so they sometimes mix with other stationery on the child’s desk. Do not allow this: the ink for these markers is extremely toxic. Many children have a habit of pulling everything in their mouths. If such a marker falls under the arm, the matter can end in trouble.

Money and documents

No, it’s not about the risk of swallowing a coin, although it also exists. Fortunately, small money in most cases just come out naturally. Hiding from the offspring of important papers and parental wages is at least because the baby can easily tear them up or get dirty. Unfortunately, the three-year-old does not see the difference between a notebook and Dad's passport: there and there it is fun to draw.


Swallowed magnets, even the smallest ones, can do much more harm than the same coins. The fact is that two magnets will be attracted to each other, forming intestinal obstruction. This condition requires an emergency operation, since the life of the child is at risk. To avoid trouble, do not give your child small magnets! "Where did they come from at home?" - you will be surprised. In fact, there are a lot of magnets in everyday life. This includes decorations on your fridge, a fashionable puzzle "Neokub", and poorly fixed magnets in the details of the constructor. We advise you to check right now if the working elements are loose in all magnetic toys and accessories, and without regret, get rid of those items that carry too much risk.


This term is familiar to all florists, as well as those who are keen on floriculture. Hydrogel (akvagrunt) - these are small balls, which, in contact with water, swell and increase many times in volume. Also, the hydrogel is part of the kits for chemical and physical experiments at home. It is recommended as a developmental filler for so-called touch boxes. Playing with slippery elastic balls trains fine motor skills and gives a lot of joy. What is the danger? Already swollen hydrogel is not dangerous: even if the child eats it, nothing terrible will happen. Much worse if the baby decides to swallow small dry balls. In the stomach and intestines, they will begin to swell, and it faces very serious problems. If there is a hydrogel at home, make sure that younger children do not have access to it, and older ones know the safety rules.

Liquids containing alcohol

Alcohol even in small doses is very dangerous for a child. Of course, it would not occur to anyone to leave alcoholic beverages in a visible place. However, there are other liquids in the house that contain alcohol. These are perfumes and colognes, window cleaners, mouth rinses, and many other products. Make it a rule to read the composition of all liquids that you buy, and if there is alcohol (eng. Alcohol), then put the bottle under the key.

Washing Capsules

Capsules containing liquid laundry detergent have already caused the poisoning of many children in our country and abroad. Externally, the capsules resemble candy, so the kids pull them into their mouths. Older children, sometimes - already of school age, swallow them in dispute. Be sure to spend an educational conversation with the child, and then still hide the tool in a lockable box.


Oddly enough, kids like a magnet are drawn to the trash can. As soon as the parent turns away, the little researcher is already examining the contents of the basket. The most innocent thing that can happen is that a toddler will eat a moldy piece. However, there are many more dangerous items in the garbage: fragments of a broken cup, for example. Just in case, install a latch on the cabinet door behind which you have a bucket.

Razors, scissors, glass

Of course, you keep knives out of reach of your son or daughter. What about razors and manicure scissors? They can also be cut, so hide these and other sharp objects in a place where the children cannot take them. The same applies to glass objects, and this includes not only dishes, but also, for example, photo frames.


Toddlers love balloons, but these items can be dangerous. Bursting, they turn into a heap of small, multi-colored pieces of thin rubber. If the baby pulls one of them into his mouth, he may suffocate. Your birthday is coming up and you are not ready to give up balloons? And don't - choose their foil: if you pierce one, it just deflates.

Cords from curtains and blinds

Whether they are ordinary laces for adjusting blinds or luxurious decorative cords for curtains, they can easily become a trap for a child who accidentally slips his neck into a loop. To avoid the irreparable, remove all cords, and if you can not do without them, then hang them as high as possible.

Guest bags

If there is a guest in the house, the baby is drawn to rummage in the bag left in the corridor. And the danger is not at all that a crumb can break an expensive smartphone. It is much worse if the bag contains pills, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, a sharp nail file, and other dangerous items. When you receive guests, even if it is a child's grandmother or a neighbor who comes in every day, make sure that your bag is always in sight, as well as your outerwear (there are often unsafe items in your pockets too).

It is impossible to raise a child “under the hood” and control his every step. However, parents are quite capable of taking simple actions and securing at least their home - the place where the child spends the most time. Go through all the rooms right now and remove at least those things that we just told you about. Perhaps you will come across other objects that you decide to hide away from sin. Take a few minutes to secure your apartment - it certainly won't be superfluous!

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