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12 unusual rules to be followed by royal children


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While everyone is wondering what kind of replenishment the British royal family is waiting for in the spring, the rules for future princes or princesses are already defined. And they are not always obvious!

Many names - and not a single nickname

In the British royal family, it is common for each newborn to be given three or four names - of those that were former monarchs or close relatives, says ELLE. By the way, there are a lot of godparents in children: for example, little princess Charlotte (aka Charlotte Elizabeth Diana) has five godparents, and Prince George (George Alexander Louis) even has seven. At the same time, royal children absolutely do not need a surname: until the beginning of the twentieth century, they simply did not have it. Now if the children will wear it, it is only when it comes time to sign up for school. But some nicknames - even the most lovely, funny, family - are completely excluded in public: status does not allow.

No selfie!

Not only are princes and princesses banned from their nicknames in social networks, they are absolutely not allowed to take selfies. Therefore, if you yourself ever meet a royal person, do not expect to decorate your instagram with a memorable picture. Do not even beg to play together against the background of the palace - you will still be refused!

No step without personal protection.

This rule does not need explanations. Under no circumstances can royal babies slip away from vigilant adults and fool around somewhere for fun. It will probably be even more difficult when the transitional age comes: who among teenagers will enjoy daily and round-the-clock monitoring?

Dress code with diapers

Paradoxically, it is Princess Charlotte that you will never see in a lush pink “princess dress” that enthralls many little girls. She put only a classic outfit, complete with a cardigan. And Prince George will wear shorts in all weathers until he turns 8. The famous English climate does not prevent the little boys from walking with bare knees, say the members of the royal family ... and in this they are probably right. Speaking of diapers: the royal babies were not relied on before, and practical disposable diapers - Princess Diana was the first to change this tradition.

Do not wear the crown

Did you know that Princess Charlotte will have to wait for her wedding day to decorate her hair with the main symbol of her high status? The fact is that even married women of the royal family are allowed to wear diadems only if the queen herself is present at the gala event in the crown and jewels. And girls and unmarried girls have no such privilege.

Dinner ends queen

This is another of the strict traditions of the English court: none of those present has the right to continue the meal if the queen has already set aside her fork and knife. Little princes and princesses should forget about the whims at the table as early as possible - otherwise they simply risk remaining hungry.

There are no bad gifts

The members of the royal family are mega-known persons in England and far beyond its borders. What to say about the popularity of the smallest! From birth, princes and princesses send and bring hundreds of gifts - and each of them is supposed to be received with a smile and an expression of joy. Such courtesy is necessary to learn from the earliest years - even if the gift did not like at all. But the royal kids receive Christmas presents from close family members in advance, already on the eve of the holiday: this is also required by a long tradition.

The more languages ​​the better

Royal status requires: each prince or princess in the future will have to travel a lot around the world and find a common language with interlocutors from different countries. Many of us used to think that universal English is enough to communicate on any continent, but Prince George and Princess Charlotte, for example, have already begun to learn Spanish ... Perhaps we also have something to think about at our leisure.

To exit one by one

By the way, royal children in principle should not travel with their parents. There is a general rule: the two heirs to the throne from ancient times were forbidden to go on a journey that - who knows - could lead to war, or simply be dangerous. As soon as the princes are 12 years old, for them this strict ban comes into force. I do not even want to think about the bad, but under no circumstances should the throne remain empty.

Etiquette above all

If royal children are taught to speak foreign languages ​​well, then they should speak their native English just perfectly. No dirty words, reservations or mistakes - this is not at all like infant babble or ordinary children's language! The same applies to etiquette: you should always stand and sit, never shout, not be capricious, do not run or spin, do not put your elbows on the table and do not lick your fingers ... To be a good prince or princess, you need to have true angelic patience.


They do not take in October

It is considered extremely important that members of the royal family maintain a neutral attitude towards any political parties - in order to avoid social conflicts. There is no doubt that at one time the princes will be explained in detail the basics of political life, but they definitely will not join the ranks, for example, of any "young pioneers".

Taboo on "Monopoly"

It is completely incomprehensible why this royal family does not like this board game so much, but the fact remains. Little princes and princesses never play Monopoly with friends - that’s it. Probably, in their uneasy, but such a fascinating life there is already enough “entertainment”!

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