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12 million views: Odessa woman from the United States 'proves' that the salad is made of plastic


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You will not believe, but the theory of the existence of plastic lettuce and cabbage has been around for several years. And it's not about taste, but about the component that is supposedly contained in these products.

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On YouTube, you can find videos showing the process of creating "fake" cabbage by craftsmen from China and no less fascinating records of "debunking" the conspiracy of salad producers by American users.

Recently, the Internet circulated another video on this topic - a video with a visual demonstration of the "authenticity" of plastic salad was posted on her Facebook by a woman from Odessa living in Brooklyn. In the video, a woman is conducting a home experiment, which, in her opinion, proves that people in the United States (and, perhaps, all other countries) are fed plastic salad.

For the convenience of viewing, we will duplicate the video with another repost from a YouTube user.

Comments were even more interesting than the video itself. Most, of course, agreed that the woman does not have a high level of intelligence, and also does not know how to use google.

In fact, this film is a protective layer on the surface of lettuce, which protects it from burning in the sun and other potential hazards in the same way that the surface layer of cells protects human skin. The protective layer is not at all dangerous and is not created artificially. One user explained that the lettuce is grown during the winter in Yuma, Arizona, where cold nights are observed - the top layer of lettuce gets a kind of "cold burn", which leads to the effect that so scared the vigilant woman. The skin peels off the surface in the same way as a person who is sunburned.

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"She may not have been attentive in class at school, plants also have layers of skin, just like humans."

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“This is what happens when uneducated people get to the camcorder and the Internet. I think it's time to introduce the idiot filter on social media. "

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Many noted that the water in which a woman puts her hands is not boiling, as she claims.

“Boiling water - and you can completely immerse your hands in it. FAILURE".

"How can you immerse your hands in boiling water and there is no steam from the water"

Photos: Facebook
Photos: Facebook

“Hot water will not cause the plant to change color. Lettuce turns brown when sliced ​​and in contact with oxygen. I don't know what kind of reaction she was going to get. "

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“Who knew you could grow plastic !!! Going to plant some plastic seeds, hope to grow a baby rocker or slide, wish me luck! ”

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True, there were those who were sincerely horrified, said that they eats “only leaves” and advised everyone to buy organic farm products.

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The video instantly scattered across the web and had already scored 12 million views, 12 thousands of comments and 338 thousands of reposts.


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