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12 expert tips for successful immigration to the USA


Source: Elena Vivas, emigration coach

In order for your emigration to begin, and then proceed successfully, regardless of which country you decided to move to, stick to the main axioms in order not to make mistakes.

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How to start the process, tells the coach on successful emigration Elena Vivas.

1. The first and most important step is to choose the right emigration program that suits you

First, study on your own all possible programs offered by the country on the website of the embassy or foreign ministry of the country to which you are going to move. If you have not found a suitable option for you, consult with a lawyer for foreigners from this country. There can be no general advice, each case is unique and must be considered individually. Do not rely only on the knowledge of the forums in social networks from unknown and not always competent people. In which case, it is for you, and not for them to be responsible for the result.

The issue of legalization in a new country of residence is paramount and most important for successful emigration.

2. Learn the language of the country where you are immigrating, in advance

By not doing this, you are stealing precious time and money from yourself. In Russian, you will only be spoken in Russia. The same goes for English. It is useful only in English-speaking countries. Very often on the forums, people complain that they have come to Spain or France for permanent residence, and they are not only not taking jobs with excellent English without knowledge of Spanish or French, and no one understands this great language!

If in your arsenal only English and any other language you are not going to learn, then choose for yourself English-speaking countries. It is difficult to imagine that in Russia they will hire a manager, a doctor or a teacher of mathematics in a simple secondary school, who speaks only English. Or, for example, go to the market in your hometown and chat with vendors-grannies in English. Really ridiculous situation? The same in other countries. A small percentage of the population speaks foreign languages. It may surprise you, but even in tourist areas.

Another misconception: here I come to a new country, immerse myself in the language environment and talk. What are you talking about? How do you understand what they say? Who will babysit with you to explain?

Without the knowledge of the language, without the elementary possibility of contact, you will very quickly become uninteresting to the interlocutor. Do not believe in these tales! Learn the language before entering the country. Now there are many opportunities for this: courses, tutorials, lessons on the Internet, watch movies, listen to songs, read books in this language, even if you still don’t understand anything.

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3. The next most important question for successful emigration is your personal economy.

If you have a steady income from the outside, this is fine, then you can drop this item. If you do not have a permanent income, then it is desirable to think about the topic of earnings in a new country in advance. Do not expect that you, for example, the doctor of the highest category will arrive in Europe or America and in a week will arrange your specialty. No, any “our” diploma requires confirmation in a new country, and this takes more than one year, and sometimes it will be necessary to relearn again, depending on the specialty.

There are also reverse situations. A music teacher writes to me, who, based on personal Russian experience, complains that in the new place she only has to clean public toilets. In fact, you can't even imagine what opportunities are opening up for a simple music teacher in a new country. If you really do not imagine this, write to me, consultations on this topic are my strong point.

Even at home, you need to think about what ways you will earn your daily bread and new villas on the ocean. It may be necessary to learn a new profession or craft that is obviously in demand in the new country of your stay.

And most importantly, one should not lose the moment that moving to a new country often gives a powerful impetus to the disclosure of your potential, your hidden talents, gives you the opportunity to fulfill your cherished dream, which you could only dream about at home. I also deal with these topics in personal consultations.

4. Even if you come to a new country with money, set yourself the primary goal to reach the level of self-sufficiency, and not to live with the money brought with you.

Any, even a very large amount, you can very easily lower, if you do not control this process. If you are not ready to start your business right away or you cannot get a job according to the profile you are interested in, go to any job.


This will help you financially keep afloat and move on to the cherished goal, while maintaining your "emergency reserve". It will also help you to more easily and quickly assimilate into society, to acquire new acquaintances, to sharpen the spoken language, to understand it by ear.

5. Considering the regions of the country, settle not where it is cheaper, but where there is a lot of work

A typical mistake of many expatriates. Looking for cheap housing, people do not care about how they will earn. As a result, even more money is lost. People set themselves up to live longer with the money brought with them. As a result, time goes on, there is no work, and at one not very pleasant moment, money runs out. This is such a typical mistake that it just surprises what percentage of emigrants makes it, and then curses the whole country because of its own mistakes and short-sightedness.

From the first day you need to adjust yourself to the fact that in a month you will start earning, and not to live on savings brought from your homeland.

They are still useful to you for more serious cases. Accordingly, you need to select those countries and regions where you can earn, and not only cheaply rent housing and buy cheap tomatoes.

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6. Emigration "meet" is always more successful than emigration "on 2 at home"

When you leave and say to yourself: “I'll go and see, and if something doesn't work out, I'll come back,” you are already programmed to fail. Because at home everything is clear, familiar, and the trees are taller, and the bread tastes better, and relatives will help if anything happens. If you are aiming for success in emigration, cut off all escape routes. Then you will not be pulled back into your comfort zone.

Sell ​​everything you have in your homeland. When there is no “spare airfield” and all the bridges are burned, you simply will not have a chance to fail. You will go uphill with such speed that you yourself will be surprised. This is the elementary instinct of self-preservation, which is inherent in us by nature.

I often had to observe compatriots who were much tied to their homeland and they rushed between 2 houses, 2 works - both there and here. And while they did not make a final decision for themselves and did not begin to build a new life, without looking back, everything went on with great slippage, problems and disappointment. As soon as the ropes were cut off, success was not long in coming.

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7. Freebies are a very painful hobby

If you search only for places where you can get to the maximum, without giving anything away, you are doomed. Do not get carried away by the freebie, take a great interest in starting to earn money in order to take place in the new normal full life. This is especially true of our girls.

But this is a separate, very deep topic, on which I also conduct individual consultations.

8. Do not take everything at face value, that they say you are "seen species" compatriots who have lived a long life in exile

Perhaps all their knowledge about the country is calculated only in the years they have lived. Especially if this baggage is a continuous negative. Remember, this is just the negative of their personal failures, their personal inability, and their personal failures. Enjoy your state of admiration for the country here and now. It's like a "candy-bouquet" period for lovers. Are you ready to give up this in a relationship with a partner? So why are you willing to give it up in your relationship with your new homeland?

Are you told that you are looking at a country through rose-colored glasses? That's fine! As long as possible, try not to lose them. And chase away all advisers who will try to rip off these rose-colored glasses.

Do not think that friendship with compatriots will help you to more easily integrate into a new country. This is a big mistake! Make new acquaintances among Aborigines. No one knows better than them this country, its customs, all appearances and passwords. And also the practice of language is constant.

The services of a new friend from ours who will help you with translation everywhere is a "disservice". Our brains always follow the path of least resistance. And as long as you have such an assistant next to you, you will never speak a new language.

This does not mean that you should refuse to communicate with Russian speakers. Absolutely not. Just limit this conversation once a week to going to the movies and pleasant chatter over a cup of tea.

9. Move away from negative people and those who take energy from you, who prevent you from moving towards your goals

Turn off such people from your life, those who spoil your mood, hinder your movement forward. Surround yourself with positive, successful, energetic, who have already achieved something or want to achieve, who have goals.

As soon as you begin to communicate in a circle of people who say to you: “It does not shine on you, it does not shine on you, you will not succeed in this, taxes are not there, laws are crazy”, you are doomed to failure. Get away from such people. Exactly as much as you will be with such people, you will have problems.

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10. Do not immediately invest all your savings in real estate

This is also one of the common mistakes of immigrants and stereotypes of our thinking about stability and a roof over our heads. Especially surprising are the cases when they come to the country for the first time, they know nothing about it, except for the advertising publications of realtors.

Survive in the country, travel on it. Choose a corner that is right for you in all respects. Get a regular source of income, and then invest in real estate.

The only exception may be those cases, if this is not your last money and the 100% buy is liquid.

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11. In another monastery with its charter do not go

Love the country you moved to. Love its inhabitants, accept its culture and traditions. Respect the people who built the country that you liked so much that you decided to choose it as your second homeland. Do not carry your past and your birch trees with you. Believe me, among the "palm trees" they will look ridiculous.

Judging by the forums of “our” emigrants in many countries, this is one of the most painful topics: bread is not so baked, people smile insincerely, they don’t know how to do manicure, pedicure houses are bad, women are scary, greedy men, hands from one place, there are no wild traditions, there is no kefir-cottage cheese in the stores, they cannot play balalaika, bears do not dance on the streets and so on and so forth.

Do not forget that no one was waiting for you here and did not invite here. You yourself came here, you yourself have chosen this country to live. So be so kind as to love and accept her as she was before you and will remain after you.

Learn to find pleasure in small things. Rejoice at every sunrise and sunset, the trills of birds and the ringing of bells on the towers of cathedrals, a ray of the sun and a gloomy cloud. Emigration is always stressful. Don't make it worse. And turn it into a drive, a new experience and learn to be happy. After all, this is what you were looking for, radically changing your life. If this does not work out on your own, please contact me for personal advice.

12. You must clearly understand that you live in the segment of the country that you have chosen

If you settled in a migrant quarter or a migrant city, then these are only problems of the environment that you have chosen. If you communicate in a circle of poorly educated movers and handymen, this does not mean that the whole country is poorly educated. This is just your social circle, which you have chosen for yourself. And you can control and change this situation yourself by moving to another district, another city, communicating in other circles, attending intellectual events, etc. etc.

If you see people who complain, then they do not live the way they would like to live, the country is not to blame. Maybe they just want to live in a place that does not exist on the world map at all.

These are, perhaps, the main whales on which successful emigration rests. But we must not forget that each case is individual and requires a deeper study.

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