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10 things in the house that work for you



When planning how your interior will be, do not forget to think about some points that will attract well-being and success to the house. And even if you do not really believe in the laws of feng shui or folk omens, still make sure that things from our list will certainly be in your home.

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Believe me, they really attract happiness, says


In fact, according to the ancient Chinese teaching of Feng Shui, mirrors cannot be hung where you want - everything should have its place. For example, in no case should you hang a mirror opposite the entrance door or window, next to the stove or in the bedroom. But on the other hand, it can be easily placed in the hallway and ensure that it is always clean and without cracks. In this case, you will get rid of the negative that has accumulated in your home, and will attract success.

Spacious hallway

What is meant here is not the size of the hallway, but the absence of trash and clutter. Not for nothing that the theater begins with a hanger, and the house - from the hallway. Therefore, this room should always be kept clean and in no way littered with unnecessary things. In this way, you will make room for positive energy, which will direct your thoughts in the right direction and help you make the right decisions. By the way, it is also not recommended to keep old worn-out shoes right near the door - it is generally better to get rid of it. And those models that are suitable for socks, you need to put in a shoemaker or a closed locker.

Entrance door of a certain color

Unfortunately, many believe that the front door should be dark inconspicuous shades. However, this is not entirely true. For happiness to find the way to your home and never leave it, you need to choose the color of the door, depending on which side of the world it goes. So, for example, if the entrance door faces south, then it will certainly have a red tint, north - dark blue or even black, west - light gray or even white, and east - green or brown.

Garlands with white light bulbs

This scattering of small light bulbs looks delicate and airy, so it will bring a special charm to your interior. It is believed that if you hang a similar garland directly above the entrance, it will activate positive energy - and luck will not leave your house. In addition, a white stripe will come in your life - and there will be much more happy days.

Specific furniture order

Experts believe that only a circular design is able to fill the house with positive energy and attract wealth. This means that it is necessary to place furniture in the living room so as to make a circle. It is in this case that the energy can calmly circulate and, accordingly, add more positive emotions to your life.

Blankets and capes

Do you think that the abundance of soft, cozy blankets is overkill? However, experts are ready to argue with you. In fact, the abundance of soft materials creates a feeling of safety and comfort, allowing you to relax, get rid of depression and stress.

Statuettes of elephants and ladybugs

Elephants (but only those with a trunk raised up) symbolize good luck, wisdom and loyalty, and also protect the house from envious people. So get some pretty statues and put them on the most prominent place in the living room. As for ladybirds, these cute insects also bring happiness and financial well-being to the house. Therefore, you can purchase several charming ladybirds and tell them about your cherished desires. Be sure that they will all come true.


No wonder our ancestors hung a horseshoe over the entrance - this item brings good luck and well-being to the house. Therefore, even if you do not really believe in omens, you still buy a horseshoe (at least not even in the form of a key ring) - it won't be superfluous.

Natural flowers

Houseplants - the most successful acquisition, which you can do. First, fresh flowers elevate mood, improve well-being and help get rid of depression. And secondly, according to feng shui, they are able to attract love, happiness and success into your home, as well as clean it of negative energy. Only if you want flowers to really work for you, choose them correctly.

Fruit and ... chamomile tea

If you believe the experts, then, say, apples and citrus, beautifully placed in vases on the tables, attract wealth to the house, health and help to circulate positive energy correctly. So you will be spared from adversity, envious and small troubles. By the way, doctors agree with the fact that fresh fruit is necessary for our body. So, for example, if you eat one apple a day, you can get plenty of vitamins and useful microelements.

As for chamomile tea, besides aroma and taste, it also brings you prosperity and health.

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