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Ten things not to wear at the airport

26.11.2021, 13: 45 EST

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Experienced travelers are well aware that properly dressed for the flight is a science. But to feel comfortable and confident in the cabin is not all. Inappropriate clothing can cause delays during inspection and other troubles, writes

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Here's a list of 10 things you can safely pack in your suitcase at home, so you won't be tempted to wear it on yourself when you're heading to the airport.

Tight clothes

Always try to avoid overly tight clothing when flying, especially if you are flying long distances. Skinny jeans, tight underwear, squeezing dresses are all good at a party, but not suitable for traveling at an altitude of 10 meters. Otherwise, there is always a risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a blood clot that forms in veins, usually in the legs. To avoid this misfortune, experts recommend using special compression stockings or knee-highs. They will help prevent swelling and blood clotting during long flights and will help maintain normal circulation. Besides TVG, tight clothing can lead to bloating and cramping.

Wide and long clothes

It would seem that this contradicts the first point, because loose clothing is the most comfortable for the flight, but in everything one should observe the measure. Whether you are wearing an incredibly oversized sweater or sweatshirt with a hood, baggy cargo pants with many pockets, a long skirt with abundant pleats, be prepared for the fact that you will be guaranteed the closest attention of security during airport security. Because it is easiest to hide prohibited substances and objects in multi-layered, loose clothing. Unscrupulous citizens do just that. If body searches are not part of your plans, try to avoid oversized items.

Clothes that are difficult to take off

A lot of buttons, zippers and other accessories - this may be stylish and beautiful, but extremely inconvenient. As, however, and some of the current items of clothing, such as a jumpsuit. Just imagine how you will be filming it in the cramped space of the toilet compartment on the plane, where there is barely enough room to turn around? While you deal with the mass of fasteners, the eager crowd of passengers gathered in a long line will start banging on the door. Not the most pleasant situation, right? In addition, during the search, you may be asked to take off such clothes, and then an embarrassment may occur.

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Everything that contains metal

When passing through airport security, you will be asked to remove all metal objects - be it watches, belts with buckles, shoes with eyelets, jewelry, etc. In order not to delay yourself and others, it is better not to wear such things at all. This, incidentally, also applies to fabrics with metallic threads. And if it is easy enough to get out of a leather jacket with zippers, then taking off a sweater in front of everyone is still a pleasure.

Unsuitable shoes

High heels, sandals, sandals, chunky-soled shoes are not good ideas for an airport. And that's why. The thick sole will immediately grab the attention of airport security, as this method is often used to store prohibited items. These shoes are scanned first. High heels are also often used for this purpose, but they also contain an internal metal structure that will trigger the burglar alarm. Most likely, the sandals will ask you to take them off, they will force you to stand on the floor with your bare feet, and this is very unhygienic. Slip-on sandals should be avoided for safety reasons: this type of shoe will make it extremely difficult to get out of the plane quickly if necessary. If inflatable slides are used during an emergency evacuation, high heels can damage the surface.

Open clothes

The impulse of people flying to hot countries or, conversely, from the resort, to dress as easily as possible is quite understandable. But remember that the temperature in the cabin can be quite low. Sleeveless shirts, sports bras, crop tops - all this is appropriate on the beach, but not in flight. Most often, people who save on clothes are the first to ask a stewardess for a plaid. And the fact that it is far from disposable, you recall when you froze, in the last turn. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to wear several layers of clothing that can be easily removed if it gets hot.

Contact lenses

The air humidity in the aircraft cabin is only 10%. For comparison - in the Sahara Desert from 20 to 25%. Imagine how quickly your contact lenses will dry: they will cause eye irritation and other problems. Therefore, if possible, leave your lenses in the container and put on your glasses. Or stock up on moisturizing drops.

Clothing with abusive inscriptions or images

There are frequent cases when a passenger is denied boarding just because of how he was dressed. You yourself may not find anything reprehensible in the inscription on your shirt, but take into account the feelings of other people. If this is swearing, political texts or unambiguous images, then leave such a thing at home. The same applies to too deep neckline, mini-skirts and short shorts, tight clothing.

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Discomfort fabrics

As already mentioned, the cabin has very dry air, and often this causes excessive skin sensitivity. If you wear a piece of cloth that is not very suitable, it can cause itching and irritation. Wool, lace, synthetics, linen, bamboo fibers - these are examples of fabrics unsuitable for flight. A more acceptable option is cotton, silk and cashmere.


These are, of course, not clothes, but perfume is also "worn". And there is no torture more sophisticated than sitting next to a passenger, fragrant with the aroma you hate. So just avoid strong odors that can irritate your fellow travelers. In addition, someone may have allergies. It is best not to use perfume or other fragrances before flying. After all, your personal preferences may not coincide at all with the tastes of other passengers.

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