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10 things that you absolutely cannot keep in your wallet


Source: Life hacker

Otherwise, you risk making money and health problems and even suddenly becoming pregnant.

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1. PIN codes of bank cards

Obvious advice, which for some reason still does not follow, writes Life hacker. The PIN-code should not be in your wallet in any way - including written on a separate piece of paper and even encrypted using symbols found on the Internet.

Put yourself in the place of a person who finds something even remotely resembling four digits next to a bank card. No need to be a genius to understand what it is. Therefore, you can say goodbye to money.

2. Passwords

Logins and passwords from important sites are also best remembered or at least not stored in a wallet that can be stolen. If the attackers get access to your email, they can change the passwords in social networks and ask for money from your friends or enter your e-wallet. All this is fraught with serious trouble.

3. All bank cards

Imagine the situation: you have stolen the wallet, in which were all your bank cards, and they had to be blocked. To re-issue the bank takes time. And to access the money in the account you have to go to the cashier. At the offices of many financial institutions, they simply do not exist, which means that it will be necessary to look for a department where money can be received in cash. This is extra trouble.

If at least one card will be at home, you can always transfer money to it using online banking.

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4. All gift cards

After the holidays, gift cards can accumulate quite a lot. The first impulse - put them in the wallet, suddenly find yourself near the store you want. But if the wallet disappears, it will be impossible to recover these cards.

However, there is an exception: if the card is about to expire, put it in your wallet to use it as soon as possible.

5. Stash

Cards are accepted almost everywhere, so there is no reason to carry around a large amount of money. Suppose you have withdrawn from the account the entire salary and put it in your wallet. If it is stolen, you will have nothing to eat, pay for utilities. Enough is not enough.

It is better to periodically report in the wallet a small amount of cash, which is not so scary to lose.

6. Cashier Checks

This is a health issue. The powder, which is used for printing on thermal paper, contains bisphenol A - a toxic substance. And it is better not to contact him without special need: it affects the reproductive system, causes cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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7. Travel card

If you lose the wallet along with the travel card, you simply will not be able to get home, and the money that you put on the transport card will burn without a trace. This is especially true for those who pay the fare immediately for a long period.

8. Documentation

Thieves are usually not interested in documents. Often a passport or driver's license is even found on the threshold of the police station or in the nearest garbage can. But your documents will lose your nerves pretty much, since they will have to be restored - with the payment of state duty.

9. Spare key

Usually in the wallet you can find data on which it is easy to calculate the address of residence. For example, by name on the map you can be found in social networks. A little investigation - and the address in the pocket of the attackers. So you should not kindly offer them more and keys to the apartment - the one where the money is.

10. Condom

For teenage boys, the condom in the wallet is almost the same secondary sex trait as the growth on the chin. If you are older, it is better to put it in a more suitable place.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, this contraceptive device should be stored in a dry cool place and not subject to friction. In a purse, such conditions are difficult to create. As a result, latex microcracks will reduce the level of protection to zero.

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