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XNUMX makeup items you might be using wrong


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You will be able to avoid many mistakes in makeup if you learn how to use decorative cosmetics correctly. Lifehacker.

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Mascara may not peel off the lashes because of poor quality. It's just that someone doesn't know how to handle her brush.

Makeup puff

An egg-shaped piece of sponge is convenient for applying foundation and other creamy (and sometimes dry) products. Sponge blends cosmetics well and allows you to achieve the result that you planned.

However, there is a nuance. If you move it over your face like a cotton pad or, say, a brush, chances are that you will simply erase a layer of makeup or move the product to another part of your face. To prevent this from happening, apply the sponge to the skin with patting movements.

BB Cream

In pursuit of skin as in retouched photographs, women are using more and more cosmetics, including a makeup primer. This is a special product that prepares the skin for the application of foundation. It evens out the surface, masks imperfections, mattes or moisturizes - depending on the composition.

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But if you're using BB cream, ditch the silicone base. Blemish balm, which is how BB stands for, is not a tonal remedy in the usual sense, it is a “balm for imperfections”. It not only evens out the complexion due to the pigment, but also cares for the skin. By creating a silicone barrier with a primer, you deprive the BB cream of some of its useful functions.


But the foundation, on the contrary, fits perfectly on the primer, although you can do without it. What really matters is how you moisturize your skin before applying makeup. Then the product will lie more evenly, it will look more natural.

If you skip this step, the skin will draw moisture from the available product - foundation. And it will eventually accentuate peeling or fall into the pores.


The worst thing you can do with a bronzer is confuse it with a sculptor. Both products are used to correct the shape of the face, but this is done in different ways.

Sculptor is a gray-brown product that simulates shadows on the face. For example, to emphasize the cheekbones, they darken the area under the zygomatic bone. The bronzer mimics a tan. Therefore, it is more red, often contains shining particles that create volume, and not a shadow.

“Do not darken the hollows under the cheekbones. In this case, orange stripes form on the cheeks, and facial features are visually lowered. Bronzer is applied with movements from top to bottom - as the sun's rays fall, ”explains Alexander Sannikov, makeup artist.


It seems that this is impossible, but the blush is also often applied in the wrong place, and it looks unnatural and foreign.

“Blush is a pink pigment that should be applied to the apples of the cheeks to make the face look fresher. Although sometimes girls emphasize the cheekbone area with them and create pink stripes on their faces, which is completely wrong, ”says Katerina Kireeva, makeup artist.

It is important to note that manufacturers do not always accurately label products. If for some reason an excellent sculptor, in your opinion, was called a bronzer, trust your eyes, not the label.


We can talk about a gel means, a pencil, shadows - the products with which you draw arrows. And, perhaps, you are doing it wrong, and as a result, the results of your work are not visible to anyone.

“You can draw straight arrows and a thin tip for a very long time and diligently with a closed eyelid, and then find that all your efforts have disappeared in the crease. To avoid this, it is necessary to outline the arrow and its tip with the eye open, and then draw it along the eyelid, ”advises Alexander Sannikov.


It’s not always the manufacturer’s fault that the mascara crumbles under the eyes and paints the eyelashes poorly. A lot depends on how you type it on the brush. If you unscrew it and then vigorously dip it into the bottle several times, then this is a bad habit. This allows air to enter the packaging, causing the product to dry out.

“It is better to pick up mascara by turning the brush in the bottle. So you will extend the period of use of the product, ”expert Alexander Sannikov shares the subtleties.

Eyebrow pencil

The habit of tracing the eyebrow along the contour, and then evenly paint over the contents, is better to stop. It will not look natural even on swarthy burning brunettes. Hairs do not grow like that, but it is they who should imitate pencil strokes.

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However, even if you use a pencil with a powdery texture and a finish that mimics the effect of shadows, a sharp outline is best avoided. This is especially true for the area of ​​the beginning of the eyebrow: here its color is usually less saturated than that of the tail, and the hair does not grow so thickly. Your task is to improve what is, and not to draw facial features again.


This tool helps to fix makeup, give the skin a velvety finish and eliminate oily sheen. That's just to apply it in a uniform thick layer on the entire face is still not worth it. Firstly, it will neutralize all your contouring efforts, because the veil will extinguish the shine of not only the sebum, but also the highlighter. It will be enough to lightly walk over the face with a fluffy brush with a small amount of powder and pay a little more attention to the T-zone.

However, if you are trying some new technique, the meaning of which is precisely in applying a thick layer of powder, then feel free to continue. For example, baking is now popular, when the concealer is fixed with a huge amount of crumbly product.


Long-lasting matte lipsticks are beautiful. They look good on the lips, create a velvety finish on them, and also easily survive kisses and meals. But there is also a minus: they dry the lips.

“Before using long-lasting lipstick, lips need to be moisturized. Otherwise, it may look ugly, and you will experience discomfort, ”recommends Katerina Kireeva.

Try using lip balm as soon as you sit in front of the mirror to do your makeup. As you apply the rest of the products, your lips will be moisturized. Finally, blot them with a paper towel and apply lipstick.

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