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10 morning habits that will help you lose weight


Source: SM News

For many, the process of losing weight is associated with heavy torment, restrictions on your favorite food and torture of physical activity in the gym. But things can not be so scary if you have some good habits that will not only not cause inconvenience, but may bring pleasure to your life and, of course, make it easier to find the desired shape.

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To learn 10 the most effective morning habits for dieters SM News.

1. Have a high protein breakfast

According to nutritionists, the morning intake of protein foods will significantly reduce your appetite for the whole day and save you from the pain associated with artificially limiting yourself in the amount of food consumed. Since protein suppresses the “hunger hormone” ghrelin, you simply will not feel the need for large meals.

For such breakfast, boiled eggs, omelet, cottage cheese, avocado, turkey, nuts are suitable.

2. To drink a lot of water

Make a habit of drinking a glass or two of water in the morning on an empty stomach. This will speed up the metabolism, and simply make your body burn more calories.

3. Weigh

According to the results of a specially conducted study, among those who lost excess weight for a certain given period of time, the number of those who regularly got up on the scales in the morning significantly exceeds the number of people who did not follow their weight changes. Accurate knowledge of your numbers motivates you to self-control during the day and achieve better results.

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4. Open curtains and let in sunlight

According to the scientists who conducted the study on obese women, vitamin D, which saturates the body with sunlight, helps to reduce weight, and its lack, on the contrary, can lead to the appearance of extra pounds.

It is worth noting that solar vitamin is also found in foods such as almonds, fatty cow's milk, mackerel, yogurt and eggs.

5. Eat consciously

Nutritionists recommend cultivating a love of healthy foods and good nutrition. It is also important to listen to the signals of the body and take care of your body, consuming food in the right amount and at the right time. This means - do not starve yourself and do not overeat thoughtlessly.

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6. Exercise after waking up

Experts say that the best time for training is the first half of the day. It is in the mornings that the body burns the largest number of calories, since low blood sugar forces the body to generate energy from fat.

7. Prepare lunch in advance, before the start of the working day

This habit will protect you from wrong and unhealthy snacks during the day, which can seriously interfere with the process of losing extra pounds.

8. Get enough sleep

Everyone, without exception, needs a healthy full sleep. A sleepy person consumes more food during the day. This is due to the fact that the body requires saturation and compensates for the lack of energy with a large amount of food.

9. If possible, get to work on foot

Of course, the option is not suitable for everyone, but it is important to remember that if you do not have enough time for training in the gym, you need to replace them with at least walking. Physical activity, and preferably in the morning, as we wrote in paragraph 6, is a necessary condition for losing weight.

10. Keep a diary of nutrition and exercise

Such a diary is needed not only to increase the level of self-control, but also in order to track your own individual characteristics and recognize what your body responds to better: which of food and physical activity contributes to the loss of excess weight.

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