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10 tricks of professional makeup artists that are worth mastering



There are always many secrets in the arsenal of makeup artists with which they make makeup amazing. Sometimes such tricks even help a professional save time and cut down on cosmetics. shares unobvious and effective techniques of professional makeup artists.

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1. Wash the sponges before applying the product.

Wash the sponges and beauty blender immediately before use and pat dry with a towel. Distribute the skin with patting movements. This advice will help not only save on cosmetics - because it will be absorbed into sponges much less - but also create a natural image. The foundation applied by the “wet” method will look much more natural. And the shine of the highlighter and eyeshadow will last longer if applied with a wet brush.

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2. Do not store cosmetics in the bathroom

In addition to bacteria multiplying in a warm and humid environment, dampness and high temperature, which cannot be avoided in the bathroom, shorten the service life and affect the quality of cosmetic products. Professional makeup artists even put absorbent granules into cosmetic cases (the same are used in shoe boxes to prevent excessive moisture).

3. Make eyebrows natural

Apply any cosmetic pencil that matches your eyebrow color to your hand. With a flat brush, draw some funds from your hand and color the eyebrow according to the growth of hairs to visually add density. For styling eyebrows, try a male wax for mustache: it will fix perfectly and will be invisible. Apply it with a brush only on the tip of the eyebrow. This makeup will look more natural.

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4. Mask small wrinkles

If you have wrinkles or creases on the eyelids that you would like to hide, use matte eye shadow in your eye makeup. And if you don’t want to shine at all, put a few shadows on the matte with reflective particles, but only on the center of the moving eyelid.

5. Use the palette

Makeup artists often mix different makeup products to achieve the desired effect. For these purposes, professionals use a special metal palette, but an ordinary plastic cream lid or a mirror can also be suitable. Unlike the hand, such a surface does not heat up and does not absorb the product. You can mix shades of lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow - anything. You, as an artist, will be able to create the color and texture you need at the moment.

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6. Each shade of blush has its place

Apply blush of pink and red to the apples of your cheeks, shades of peach along the line just above the cheekbones, and bronze under the cheekbones. Makeup artist James Vincent claims that this is how you can recreate the natural blush that appears when blood comes to your face. If you apply blush in this way to the tonal foundation, treading, they will look even more natural.

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7. Choose the color of cosmetics correctly

Often we are disappointed with how the new lipstick looks on the lips. Indeed, when we first tried it on the back of the hand, the color looked very different. The point is the difference in skin color, which is much brighter on our lips than on our hands. Therefore, when choosing lipstick in the store, it is better to try the color on the fingertips, where the skin color is almost the same as on the lips.

When choosing a foundation, you should also not try it on the back of your hand, where the skin color is darker than on the face. Put a little cream in the store on the inside of the forearm or at the transition from face to neck and see in daylight how this color looks on the skin.

8. Do not forget about the mucous membrane

When eye makeup, do not forget to pay attention to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. It is she who, as a rule, gives out eye fatigue. A dark pencil will make the look “feline” and more expressive, light - will add volume and make the look wide.

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9. Remove makeup without extra costs

Hollywood make-up artist Tony Flashman claims that her favorite makeup remover, which she stopped after years of searching, is an ordinary baby shampoo. It perfectly washes off even the most persistent makeup, does not dry the skin, and most importantly - no tears! Tony also advises using it to wash makeup brushes.

10. Change the color of your concealer

To mask skin irregularities, professional makeup artists use multi-colored concealers: for dark circles under the eyes - pink, for redness - green. Superimposed on each other, the colors form a neutral gray, which is then easier to mask with a tonal agent. If there is no concealer of the right color at hand, you can use red lipstick (a little) for bruises under the eyes and matte green shades for pimples. Just mix them with your regular concealer.

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