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10 typical American purchases that you regret


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Think twice before spending a lot of money on these things: there is a risk of experiencing temporary euphoria after purchase, but after a few hours, days or weeks you regret the unnecessary purchase. Sometimes it is wiser to think in advance. What kind of shopping do American women regret most often?

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Juicers, which can cost 400 dollars, top the rating of kitchen appliances used a couple of times before sending them to the garage or storeroom for years, writes MSN... Before you buy a machine, ask yourself if this thing is important enough to me to keep it on the kitchen table all the time. If not, leave it on the store shelf.

Pet Insurance

No one wants his animals to be sick. But even less, the pet owner wants the treatment to fly into a pretty penny. Therefore, there is a temptation to purchase insurance, especially if you have just taken a puppy or kitten. Of course, this is not always a meaningless investment, but most owners of averagely healthy animals believe that it is better to have a supply for a rainy day than to pay for expensive insurance, which you can never use.

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Unused Sports Club Card

A sports club discount card with the right to visit for 12 months may seem like a great idea, but for some people it can also be a motivation. But if you are not sure that sport has safely entered your life and become a habit, it is better to pay every month until you realize that this is indeed the case.

Bottled water

Mass filtration of water is a miracle of modern society, and your taxes are used to ensure that you can easily get clean drinking water in America. Buy a reusable bottle, wash it thoroughly and take your own water. By the way, this will help the environment as well.

Magazine subscriptions

Believe it or not, magazines still exist, and they are still printed on real paper. Should I subscribe to this product? If you do not have nostalgia for the nineties, it is better to read the same articles on the Internet, where publishers themselves often offer free access.

Costly weddings

If you intend to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding in your youth, rest assured that in the coming years you will repeatedly imagine what else could be bought with such a huge amount of money. Remember that the most important part of a wedding is the person you love, not the setting and scale, which will cost you a lot.

"Like on TV"

If you've ever seen a gadget sold on TV that was ready to solve a problem right now that you weren't aware of until now, you're not alone. There is a reason some products can only be found on TV and not in stores like Walmart: they just don't need anyone.

Home exercise equipment

You play sports, eat right, lead an active lifestyle - and that's great. But before you start buying home fitness equipment, make sure that you have been going to the gym or fitness club for a long time and really regularly. Gym equipment tends to be much better and more varied, and if you don't have a club membership, you can always cancel it, unlike a treadmill at home, which becomes a bulky clothes hanger.

Original coffee machine

The unusual coffee machine does basically the same thing as the simplest unit: brews coffee. If you think you need an espresso machine, think about how often you will actually use it. Does this purchase deserve to take a place in your morning habits (and on the kitchen table, too).


You might be tempted to get this expensive old comic book you've - it seems now - always dreamed of, but remember that collectibles are judged on their exclusivity, not their practicality. This effectively ensures that after you've spent a fortune on a one-of-a-kind item, you won't get any benefit from it.


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