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10 weird celebrity rumors that turned out to be true


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These amazing facts will reveal the fate of the actors we all love from a new side, promises ADME.

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Life consists of a series of startling accidents and contradictions that defy explanation. In The Simpsons, Mr. Burns put monkeys behind typewriters in the hope that they would create a genius piece of literature. And, it turns out, there is a chance that this will happen - it's just that the chances of this are negligible. And no matter how far celebrities are from us, they live by the same laws of life as we do: they encounter strange coincidences and suffer from inexplicable phobias.

Tom Cruise divorces his wives when they step over 33

It is not known whether it was an accident or Scientology that influenced the relationship of the famous actor (33 is considered a special number in it), but Tom Cruise's marriages fell apart steadily as soon as his wives turned 33. Moreover, each subsequent wife was 11 years younger than the previous one.

The actor was introduced to Scientology by his first wife, Mimi Rogers (born 1956). Their marriage broke up after 2 years.

With the beautiful Nicole Kidman (born 1967), the marriage lasted 10 years. The actors repeated their marriage vows and separated after 2 months.

With her third wife, Katie Holmes (born in 1978), the marriage lasted just over 5 years, and then the actress filed for divorce, as she did not want Tom Cruise to impose his religion on their daughter Suri.

Rowan Atkinson can be decisive not only in films

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Rowan Atkinson got into trouble not only in the movies, but at the same time showed no less heroism than the cheerful Mr. Bean. One day he had to take control of the plane. He was flying with his wife and children when the pilot lost consciousness. Atkinson and his wife tried to revive the pilot, splashing water on him, hitting him on the cheeks, but to no avail.

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The actor had no experience with the plane, however, grabbing the steering wheel, began to fly it. The plane took off abruptly. "Too much!" His wife shouted. Atkinson carefully leveled the plane. Nevertheless, the couple already thought that they would crash when the pilot came to his senses. He didn't even realize that he was unconscious and landed the plane without any consequences.

Fearless Jackie Chan is afraid of injections

An actor who performs dizzying stunts, one of which was a jump from a 70-meter skyscraper, it seems, should not be afraid of anything in the world. And he does not tolerate injections and is capable of losing consciousness even with one kind of syringe. According to him, if he breaks his finger during filming, he will simply set it back and continue working on the film. During the filming of Showdown in the Bronx, this is what happened: in the morning the actor broke his ankle, and in the afternoon he had already started filming.

Anthony Hopkins was looking everywhere for a book for the film, and the book found him itself

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Before filming The Girl from Petrovka, Anthony Hopkins really wanted to read the novel, based on which the film script was written. He toured all the bookstores in London, but never found the book he needed. Until, returning home, he found the publication, which was lying alone in the metro station right next to him.

After some time, the actor met with the author of the novel and told this story. And he said that he had lost his last edition a year ago. Hopkins showed him the book he had found, and it turned out that it was the same book.

Keanu Reeves opened for David Bowie as bassist

If the actor had not taken up his film career seriously, he could have continued to act as a supporting bassist for other, more famous bands. Together with another actor, Robert Mailhouse, they formed a rock group in 1991 that was later named Dogstar. The group did not achieve much success, but in 1995 they appeared on the opening act for David Bowie.

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Vin Diesel became an actor thanks to his hooliganism

At the age of 7, Vin Diesel broke into a theater in New York in the company of friends and brother, intending to misbehave in it. The head of the Crystal Field theater could have called the police, but instead showed kindness and offered the boys roles in the play. So little Diesel made his debut on stage in the children's play "Dinosaur's Door" and later became a famous actor.

Elvis Presley has strangely influenced the life of Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell made his big screen debut in It Happened at the World's Fair starring Elvis Presley. 6 years later, Elvis starred in his latest film, Change of Habit, as Dr. John Carpenter, the best of his film career.

And 10 years later, Kurt Russell was invited to star in the film "Elvis" (1979), and its director was none other than John Carpenter.

Intemperance in expressions helped Charlize Theron to start a film career

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Charlize Theron got to Los Angeles on a one-way ticket, which her mother paid for. There was no money for the return trip. For a long time she starved and rented a room in a cheap motel, because she could not find an agent for filming a movie. When the money ran out, she went to the bank to cash one of the checks her mother had sent her. But the cashier refused to cash it out.

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Charlize flew into a rage, began to scandal and cry, not suspecting that she was being watched at that moment. When her screams stopped, a man approached her, who helped resolve the financial issue and offered to contact him. He turned out to be a real impresario, who introduced the girl to the acting school.

Helena Bonham Carter, who played Princess Margaret in The Crown, had a personal connection with her

As it turned out, as a child, Bonham Carter met this royal person several times. The fact is that the uncle of the actress, who was part of the Royal Grenadier Guard and guarded Margaret and Elizabeth II, was friends with the princess throughout his life and even, as the actress suggests, was in a romantic relationship with her. During one of the parties at her uncle's house, Princess Margaret even spoke to young Bonham and praised her for her success in acting.

Russell Crowe harassed by telephone pranker for 2 years

For 2 years in a row, Russell Crowe was trolled by some Michael. Wherever and under whatever name the actor stopped, he called him and told him stupid jokes. The often cryptic caller also asked Mr. Paul. “Do you have Paul there? Do you have the floor? So what is the wall on? " - and then laughter was heard in the receiver. And once this guy called the actor and said that he should urgently leave the premises. Then came the familiar laugh and line: “Don't worry, Russell, I'm kidding. This is Michael. " Only later did the actor realize that Michael Jackson had called him.

In life, the actor and the singer have never met.

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