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10 ways to color the windows for the New Year



The patterns on the windows always attract the eye. If you want your windows to be unusually decorated for the New Year, and the atmosphere of a winter fairytale reigned in the apartment - paint them yourself. We have selected for you the ten most simple and affordable ways to decorate.

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Sugar Laces

This is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to decorate window glass. Small children can participate in the process - for them this activity will become a truly sweet magic.

Using a stencil, apply an adhesive base on clean glass - honey diluted in water or sugar syrup. Then, using a kitchen sponge, spray powdered sugar on the base. Give patterns to dry, remove the stencil and brush off the remaining powder.

Soap drawings

Not only decorate the windows, but also allow you to save on cleaning agent when washing glasses.

On a fine grater, you need to rub a piece of soap. In the soapy crumb add warm water. Mix the mixture with a mixer until a stable foam is obtained. Dip a sponge - and you can draw! And even easier - to draw patterns on the glass itself remnant.

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Artificial snow

The decor uses different types of artificial snow, but we need the one that is sold as a spray. Shake the can and ... improvise! Light frost, stencil patterns - it can be anything.

Be careful: do not save and buy the cheapest spray - it may be poor-quality, with a strong smell.

Toothpaste - a tool of the Snow Queen

This is a classic way: who as a child did not paint with toothpaste in the bathroom on the mirror?

The effect of hoar frost can be achieved by spraying the glass with a paste from a spray bottle (or simply splashing with a toothbrush). If it is diluted in water to a creamy consistency - you can paint the glass with a stiff brush.

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Beer and Magnesia

Very beautiful and complex frosty patterns are obtained if you use beer and magnesia. Preparing the solution is easy: on 100 gr. light beer need 50 gr. magnesia.

Apply patterns with a sponge, brush, cotton swab. When the liquid begins to evaporate, crystal patterns will appear on the glass. You can speed up the process by drying the pattern with a hairdryer.

Ordinary paint

To the note: watercolor with glass is washed away more difficult than gouache. The picture will be more contrast if you circle it around the contour with black paint. You can apply glitter, beads and sequins on the paint.

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Children's stained paints

Do not confuse them with professional ones, otherwise the drawing will remain on the glass forever.

Children's stained glass paints are applied not to the glass, but to a special film, which is then glued to the window. Place the selected picture under the film, circle it around the contour, then paint the inside parts. Paints do not regret that there are no gaps in the film.

Ready stickers

It is possible to glue on glass not only your stained glass drawings. If you do not have time, at your service ready-made stickers for sale.

Paper stencils

Another hello from childhood. True, we used to improvise, but now you can find ready-made stencils for printing on the Internet.

White matte paper snowflakes look good. Do not use glue, preferably thick sugar syrup, it will wash off from the windows faster.

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Tulle and lace

And the last, most refined way: we paste on the glass tulle or lace. It is best to choose a fabric with winter motifs, feathers, curls.

It is necessary to prepare a solution: dilute two tablespoons of cornstarch in two tablespoons of cold water. And add one and a half cups of hot water. If you use potato starch, the solution will turn gray, which will give the appropriate shade to our application.

Now we put a piece of cloth on the glass. Apply the solution over the lace with a brush, paying special attention to the edges and corners. Kleister stiffens quickly, and the lace keeps on the glass until you decide to wash it off with warm water.

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