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10 tips that mom Ilona Mask gave to Ukrainian women


Source: Segodnya

69 is a summer model, a nutritionist and the mother of the most famous entrepreneur on the planet, May Mask for the first time visited the Ukrainian capital - Musk was the headliner of a business conference organized by the magazine Marie Claire and dedicated to women in business, tells Segodnya.

A woman who raised three successful children, in her mature age, acts as a model for Revlon, Target, Virgin America, is a person CoverGirl, shot in music videos (for example, in Beyonce) and repeatedly appears on the covers of the world's leading publications - both newspapers and gloss. At the event, May Musk shared the secrets of women's success in all areas - from family and business to health and beauty.

1. Prioritize
Speaking about herself, Mask set priorities: in the first place in her life is the family (three children and a dozen grandchildren), only then her career, and then friendship follows her. The secret of happiness a woman calls the health of their many loved ones, their own demand, as well as a stylish and spectacular appearance.

2. Take action
May advises to follow her example and prefer work to dreams: you need to act in order to succeed, and not be afraid of large amounts of work. In this case, you can confidently say: “All that I have, I achieved myself”.

3. Do not be afraid to combine family and work
For many years, Musk raised children alone and worked five jobs, while she did not have the opportunity to invite nannies and took care of her sons and daughter on her own. “The kids walked with me to the shows, waiting for me to walk the runway,” May says. The grandmother of ten grandchildren says it's harder to care for babies than to parade in fancy clothes or fly around the world, but she happily does both.

4. Appreciate yourself and your surroundings
According to May, women should take more leading positions in the world, and she intends to inspire them to support, to care about each other, to have the courage to make decisions. It is important for women to appreciate each other for how much they do.

5. Do not be afraid to look for answers.
Musk is not afraid to get a question to which she does not have an answer - May advises to go on the Internet and find answers without feeling embarrassed that you do not know something.

6. Teach kids to think about others.
The mother of Elon Musk, the most successful businessman and inventor in the world, Elon Musk, as well as the son of Kimbal, the owner of a successful restaurant chain, and the daughter of Tosca, a Hollywood producer, shared the secret of raising brilliant children from her own experience: “I taught them with my actions and deeds to be useful not only to yourself, but also to others. Therefore, I am proud of my children. ”

7. Risk if necessary
Musk also shared tips on a healthy lifestyle and good shape. “At 30, I decided to relax and eat everything, gained thirty kilos and became a plus-size model. But after moving to Canada, I realized that I needed to become slim. Then I decided to study the profession of a nutritionist ”. May says she was always willing to take a risk if the decision was better for the future of herself and her children, and admits that she cannot imagine herself without a family.

8. Eat right
According to Mei as a nutritionist, in 45 years of work in this profession, she did not see anyone who would eat enough vegetables. The expert advises not to keep harmful products at home so that there is no temptation to grab a piece or two. Mei also favors fruits and wholegrain products.

9. Remember the benefits of sleep
Model recommends how to get enough sleep. Mask is convinced that a full-fledged, sound sleep has a rejuvenating effect on appearance and is very good for health.

10. Do not get stuck in the negative
A woman who has gone through many trials advises not to stay in difficult situations for a long time, not to cultivate misfortune in herself, but try to do everything to get out of this situation as soon as possible, change the situation and find the optimal solution. And then there will be nothing to regret.

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