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Ten common phrases for women that can make a husband an ex


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Every family has problems. And emotions can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, remember the words that even in the hottest quarrel your beloved man should never hear. Otherwise, it may no longer be yours, writes SM News.

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"You do not understand me"

Maybe your spouse doesn't really understand you. Do you give him this opportunity or at least try to explain? The easiest way to get rid of such a phrase. Be more patient and frank, then the relationship will begin to improve.

"I shouldn't have married you"

Most often, women say this phrase out of anger, but the spouse will remember it. In the future, he will constantly doubt himself, you and marriage. And you can write an application for divorce at home from a computer.

"You always do this"

The scariest word in this phrase is "always". That is, you directly tell your husband that he is never right and only spoils everything. And if the spouse begins to refute your words, then an easy quarrel will quickly develop into a scandal. It is easier to remain silent than to reconcile.

"And the husband's neighbor ..."

This is an approximate phrase, and it literally means the following: "I want someone else to take your place." Never compare your man with anyone, even with your brother or father. To compare means not to appreciate and not to believe. By the way, this also applies to children.

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"Do not pay attention"

There are two options for the development of events: the husband either ceases to pay attention to you always, or is seriously offended if you push him away with this careless phrase. Share your feelings, perhaps he will begin to better understand you.

"Leave me alone"

Of course, when emotions are running high, taking a break is a great idea. But not in those words. It is you who, on emotions, want to hit harder, and the man thinks that you no longer need him.

"We'd better get a divorce"

It's more like manipulation. The husband will begin to worry, and it is impossible to live in stress all the time. A simple thought may come to his mind: it is better to get a divorce now and not suffer.

"You annoy me"

All that the spouse does is infuriates. It’s normal when you’ve been together for many years. Some habits can really start to annoy. Only the problem is already in you, not in your husband. Maybe you don't love him anymore?

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"You do not satisfy me"

The bed theme is very dangerous. Your husband really tries to make you feel good. And if you want to change something, talk to him about it calmly and gently.

"I would have done it differently"

Of course, you are a completely different person. And relationships involve compromises, and you also have to give in. Listen calmly to your spouse and make a joint decision.

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