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10 riders of Russian stars who can tell a lot about a person



Before the tour, each celebrity presents the rider to the organizers - a list of requirements regarding accommodation, food, security and other aspects of their arrival. And if some artists ask to provide themselves and their team with only the most necessary, others are sure: a big ship - a lot of sailing, writes


For example, singer Beyoncé demands to provide her with exclusively red toilet paper and titanium straws for drinks, and next to Mariah Carey there should be an assistant in every tour who would throw out her used chewing gum. Compared to world celebrities, domestic stars are not so picky in their requests, but their riders can cause organizers a lot of trouble.

1. Svetlana Loboda


Household and technical riders of the artist occupy more than 30 pages. Svetlana focuses the organizers' attention not only on the quality of equipment and travel conditions, but also on the requirements for accommodation and meals. All dishes and snacks for the singer should have exclusively restaurant serving. In addition, Loboda asks to provide her with 3 new teapots and 10 pairs of socks of different colors, and the air temperature in the dressing room, on the stage and in the hall should be at least +24 ° С.

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2. Nikolai Baskov


A mandatory item in the artist's rider is the availability of hot and cold water in the hotel room, and he appeared there for a reason. Once Nikolai Baskov toured with the daughter of Montserrat Caballe, Monsita. Celebrities were settled in the best hotel in the city, but when the Spanish guest wanted to take a bath, there was no water in the tap - as luck would have it, in the area where the hotel was located, technical work was carried out that day.

Since then, the Basque began to focus the attention of the organizers of their concerts on the availability of hot and cold water. Among the other requirements in the artist's rider are a silent driver, blackout curtains in the room and strong coffee.

3. Olga Buzova

In addition to a five-star hotel and a representative car, the singer’s household rider is quite modest. Among the special wishes are energy drinks and a hookah on a mix of citrus fruits. However, Olga is scrupulous in fulfilling the requirements, if the requirements are not fulfilled, the performance may be canceled.

4. Valery Leontiev


The organizers have to prepare carefully for the arrival of the artist. One of the essential requirements in a Leontief rider is a lot of garbage bags in a hotel room. They seal the windows so that the sun's rays do not interfere with Valery Yakovlevich to sleep, because during the tour the singer often has to change time zones. The rest of the artist is completely unpretentious and picky.

5. Lolita


Since the singer is afraid to travel long distances by car, she asks to provide her with a separate railway carriage. Moreover, the rider demands to fulfill this point with all responsibility. According to promoter Sergei Lavrov, once Lolita even canceled the concert, because the organizers did not have time to buy the whole car - tickets were already sold in 3 compartments.

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6. Mikhail Boyarsky

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The requirements in the rider of the famous D'Artagnan are quite adequate, if not unpretentious. The make-up artist must have a mirror, towels or paper napkins, instant coffee, fish and meat cuts. Of special wishes - unsweetened pies.

7. Konstantin Khabensky

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Although Konstantin Yuryevich is considered an actor of the first echelon, he remains one of the most modest and picky stars of Russian cinema. While other artists are ordering expensive wines, French cheeses and presidential suites, Khabensky asks only for green tea and as little as possible to bother him.

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8. Philip Kirkorov


Despite his stellar status, the rider of the artist is deprived of whims. If Kirkorov is not on a diet, the list of requirements may include fast food (in particular, french fries) and a chicken Kiev, as well as marshmallows in chocolate and Coca-Cola. The singer is much more scrupulous in organizing the performance itself and fulfilling the requirements regarding the stage and equipment, rather than food and accommodation.

9. Zemfira

Zemfira. Frame video YouTube / zemfira

The requirements of the popular singer are striking in their modesty. Before the performance Zemfira asked to give her 10 dressing towels, black and green tea, 2 packages of soap and a dozen eggs for her bundles in the dressing room. From unusual points: it is forbidden for service personnel to take pictures of the artist and ask questions about their personal lives behind the scenes.

10. Alla Pugacheva


The requirements regarding accommodation and the organization of the singer’s performance cannot be called too high, at least for a celebrity of her scale. However, one point of the rider Alla Borisovna in 2019 greatly stirred up the public. The actress demanded that the organizers of the Riga concert have to be met by a limousine upon arrival at the station, and a car drove right onto the platform.

Do you think celebrities should use their status and demand privileges to the maximum or should they behave more modestly with concert organizers?

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