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Ten foods we eat wrong


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Even if fruits and vegetables are in your diet on a regular basis, and the superfoods of the future are already in the refrigerator, you are still only halfway to a healthy diet. To pass the second part of it, many of us are hindered by a banal ignorance of how to get the most out of food, writes Steaklovers.

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Surveys of nutritionists around the world have shown that the majority of those who have contacted them up to this point had only the most approximate idea of ​​what regularly fell on their plate. As a result, for decades, a person has been engaged in simple chewing of food and does not receive everything from nature. Today we will look at a dozen mistakes that prevent us from getting the most out of food, and learn how to take back our last vitamins and minerals.


Problem. Health publications advise us to eat a handful of flaxseeds a day and not know any problems with the cardiovascular system, but it's not that simple in reality. The fact is that the body most often does not have time to get to this storehouse of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and other useful things, if you just throw seeds into a porridge or cocktail. Undigested seeds are simply excreted naturally from the body with absolutely no benefit.

  • Solution. To get everything from flaxseeds, you just need to grind them, for example, in a spice mill or coffee grinder, and then eat them.

Grilled meat

Problem. The aromatic smell of grilled steak can actually be a trap - scientists have found two compounds at once in overcooked pieces of meat that contribute to the formation of cancerous tumors.

  • Solution. The reason for failures in barbecue, as in many other cases and not only in the culinary field, is a simple human hope for their own strength and experience. Use a thermometer and a proven recipe to monitor the temperature at the edge and inside of the piece. The latter will allow you to avoid poisoning with a product that has not been cooked to the end.


Problem. Everyone thinks that the surest way to keep all the benefits of tomatoes is to eat them fresh, but not in the case of lykopein. Phytonutrienthelping to fight heart disease and cancer.

•Solution. To maximize the positive effects of this antioxidant on the body, scientists recommend cooking tomatoes over a fire without raising the temperature above 88 ° C.


Problem. The watery substance that we found on the surface of freshly packaged yogurt is usually subjected to olfactory testing for the suitability of the product, and then poured into the sink, so that we can enjoy what we actually paid for.

  • Solution. Meanwhile, this very substance is a whey rich in protein, vitamin B12, calcium and phosphorus, which dissolves perfectly in yogurt, you just need to stir it a little with a spoon.

Also, many people rely on the probiotic properties of yogurt when preparing hot dishes in the marinade with it. In reality, all living and active cultures die when exposed to temperatures (and nothing can be done about this), however, leaving us protein, calcium and vitamin D.

Whole grains and beans

Problem. For all its usefulness, unrefined grains and beans have one negative feature - an obstacle to the absorption of vitamins and minerals by our body. This is due to the antioxidant compounds of phytates contained in excess in these products.

  • Decision. To help free the beans and whole grains such as farro, frika, sorghum, or wheat from phytates may be banal soaked for 6 hours or one night. This procedure also helps to soften the beans, and thus easier and more comfortable digestion.


Problem. In contrast to strawberries, which degrade their beneficial properties over time, the anticancer enzyme allicin in garlic, on the contrary, needs oxygen. It is sad that very few people know about it and almost all send chopped garlic immediately to the cooked dish.

  • Decision. The only correct solution to improve the properties of garlic in this case can only be a small pause - approximately 10 minutes - between cutting (or crushing, if you need more juice) and sending garlic to the pan.


Problem. Delicious and rich in antioxidants and vitamin C strawberry is an excellent ingredient for light summer fruit salads, in which the berry is sent pre-sliced. The trouble is that oxygen and light adversely affect the preservation of useful properties, and after some time the benefits of delicacy can be lost.

  • Decision. If possible, especially if the strawberries are not very large, add them to fruit salads or simply lay them on the table as a whole. If cutting can not be avoided, then be engaged in the berries in the last turn and serve the dish on the table as quickly as possible.

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Problem. Many, to add a zest to a virtually tasteless plant, are amenable to temptation and boil or broil broccoli. As a result, the lion's share of vitamin C, chlorophylls, antioxidants and anti-cancer compounds contained in it is lost.

  • Decision. In order to avoid loss of nutrients and the final benefits to the body of broccoli, it is recommended to limit your treatment with it to only one steaming. That it is currently the most delicate and fastest way to bring broccoli to an edible state.

Black tea

Problem. It turned out that adding milk to black tea is not only tasty, but also almost meaningless from the point of view of the science of healthy nutrition. You see, milk proteins can interfere with tea leaf catechins absorbed by the stomach walls, which negates their beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

  • Decision. Do not add milk to tea or just be glad that otherwise the tea will still retain its antioxidant beneficial properties.

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Problem. The fastest way to cook asparagus as a healthy and tasty side dish is water, which growers remember, carefully packing the sprouts into portioned bags. They are only silent about the fact that in this way all the benefits of asparagus are dissolved along with vitamin C and other things right in that very water.

  • Solution. The extra few minutes it takes to steam the asparagus is definitely worth the health benefits it retains. The tender and crunchy consistency of asparagus will become a sure guide to readiness for you, and the water over which it was cooked can also be used in the future for aromatic broths and sauces.

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