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10 excuses for which you will never be successful and happy



The expert said that false fears lead to strong regret and subsequent failures.

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“Many people constantly make plans, imagine themselves to be gorgeous and successful,” psychologist Alexandra Elfimova told the project - However, this is all only in the head. The brain is designed in such a way that it does not distinguish reality from imagination. Thus, a person in the world of illusions, as it were, experiences the desired states and is content with what he has. You need to act in reality and not be afraid of anything. Those who are freed from all negative beliefs receive a laurel wreath. ”

1. Not enough knowledge

This is one of the most common misconceptions, - says psychologist Alexander Elfimov. - There will always be a lack of the knowledge that you have acquired. You have to accept that there will be many people around you who are smarter. The first thing to do is to write your merits on paper and understand that you, too, have the right to fight. Moreover, not all super-smart people have made a stunning career. Many lacked courage and confidence.

2. Not yet time

When you hear such a phrase, you immediately want to ask: when will the time come? There will always be worries around which you will spray your precious moments. There is a beautiful adage: who wants, he will always find time. The perfect moment will never be. There is a beautiful rule: I thought - do it right away.

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3. Too much work

Whatever you do, always remember one thing: the most expensive resource is time. It just can not be returned. Regret for missed opportunities will be incredibly strong. Sometimes they lead to depression. Therefore, sit down and think soberly about what you do and whether your soul needs it. If you do not experience the buzz of life, then feel free to change. Do not be afraid of change. After all, they are always for the better!

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4. The first attempt failed ...

If many figures talked like you, then they certainly would not have achieved success. The strength of the spirit is not to give up, but to go towards the dream, to solemnly endure difficulties. It is necessary to reject laziness and all negative beliefs: “I cannot”, “I fear”, “who I am, and who - they” ... Then analyze what was wrong in the past experience. For example, it may need something else to learn. Then look for someone who tells, and act!

5. No forces

A tempting excuse for a phlegmatic young lady to beg another vacation. I will say it bluntly: everyone is tired! But you don't need to constantly say it in your head. The brain remembers such phrases. Then really can not get out of this state.

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The famous personal growth trainer John Kehoe in his book “The Subconscious Can Do Anything!” Says that you can get rid of fatigue in a very simple way. It is enough for 2 − 3 minutes to repeat in the first and second half of the day to myself: “Every day I feel better and better.” You see, your brain will tune your body to an active wave!

6. Fear of criticism

We must admit that criticism will always and everywhere. You will not be able to please everyone, because it will not work to “get” into the model of everyone’s world. If criticized reasonably, then it is necessary to take it joyfully and listen. Do not take the rest into your account. You know who you are and what you are capable of.

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7. No connections

Many have no connections. Goals are achieved by those who are really brave, says the psychologist. - He is not afraid to make a mistake, seem stupid. Get up from his knees and trample like a tank. Especially now the era of the Internet, social networks, where you can find almost any right person and start to contact him. It is only necessary to show a little sharpness, courtesy and advantageously declare oneself. Do not be afraid: call and write to those who you need. After all, they can only shout at you, but they will not kill you! Or maybe, on the contrary, they will be happy to call and help. It all depends on self-tuning. Always adhere to the law: what is outside is inside.

8. Another failure

Many are afraid to be left behind the dream and once again recognize in their head that they are a nonentity. Of course, it makes you weak: there are thoughts about giving up, giving way to others, more talented, etc. However, only you have to choose: stop or do it with passion, continue the struggle for a place in the sun.

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9. Where to begin

Surely you know what is missing for happiness, and you have some kind of goal. Progressively describe the steps to achieve it in detail. Then you will understand what you need to do: who to meet, what skills to acquire, and so on.

10. Fear new

Getting out of the comfort zone is always stressful. However, this barrier must be jumped in order to achieve the desired goal. You can spend your whole life in one place without having tasted the fullness of life. It is more terrible to regret when nothing can be physically done.

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