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10 cool ideas spied in the Japanese bathroom. A PHOTO. VIDEO


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For our eyes, the Japanese have everything a little strange. But at the same time, we definitely have something to learn from them. For example, how to organize a small living space wisely. Most of the citizens of Pokémon and Sailor Moon live in modest-sized apartments. But even the bathroom is managed to be divided into functional zones and "stuffed" with appliances to the eyeballs.

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

This is what distinguishes the Japanese bathroom from ours and what exactly is worth taking note of.

1. Before the bathroom, the Japanese take a shower

Yes, and sitting. Water in Japan is expensive, so taking a full bath with a lush skin, ducks and other attributes of a happy life is a waste. So, before settling down into the hot water, the Japanese carefully take a shower, sitting on a special bench nearby. All so that later in the same water someone else from the family could swim. Surprisingly, but true.

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

2. There are drainage holes in the floor.

So that after the shower, the water flowed freely and does not spoil the floor.

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

3. The Japanese “clean up” the bathroom right during the shower

Golden Japanese rule: washed himself - wash and walls. The bathroom in the Japanese house is small, tiled, the shower is located in an unusual place. So why not take advantage of this?

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

4. Mini-computer

The temperature of the water in the bathroom and, in some cases, the shower can be adjusted using a special control panel. It is located on the wall near the bath, so that it is always convenient to reach. The mini-computer allows you to turn on the heating mode (so that someone else can wash up after you), and the panic button will alert the household if it suddenly becomes bad.

Photo Life Where I'm From

5. The crane "on the leg"

A faucet in a typical Japanese bathroom can be overwhelming for a foreign guest. How would you react to a faucet with a long flexible leg? But getting to know better, you begin to understand the advantages: if you adjust the height and position of the tap, you can fill the entire sink with washing, and at the same time, “wash” pets and even small children without any problems. Fortunately, the dimensions of the sink itself allow it.

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

6. Speaking of washing

The Japanese in this matter showed ingenuity and thrift. After the family has taken a bath, the same water is used for washing. To do this, washing machines have a special tube that can be placed in the bathroom and in a couple of minutes you can transfer all the contents to the tank. Not a bad idea, right?

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

7. Clothes are dried right in the bathroom

For this purpose, there is always a special hanger on one of the walls or directly under the ceiling. A powerful dryer-hood will make drying very fast.

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

8. What is washed in the toilet?

The answer is genius: the same water that wash their hands. No, no buckets and basins: the water from the sink fills the toilet bowl itself through a special flexible tube.

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

9. Down with “uncomfortable” sounds!

The apartments are small, the walls are thin, so it is quite natural that not the most pleasant sounds from the bathroom / toilet cannot be avoided. Shy Japanese found a way out here too, equipping many toilet bowls with “musical buttons”. You press - and all ugliness is drowned out by the sounds of music, animal growls and other funny things. You will definitely not see this here.

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

10. Everything has its place

The trick that each of us can borrow from the Japanese today is the rational organization of everything and everyone. For example, the doors in the cabinets and the cabinet above the sink are equipped with additional hooks, magnetic strips and other things to store all sorts of small things. And if the talking toilet is not affordable for you, then at least you can clean up the Japanese bathroom without any special expenses.

Photo Life Where I'm From / YouTube

And for additional inspiration, watch the video.

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